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Eating eggs can boost arterial health

Eating eggs can boost arterial health

Scientists from China reported that moderate consumption of eggs causes an increase in the concentration of many substances that protect blood circulation in the blood, and a decrease in unfavorable substances. For healthy people, researchers recommend one egg per day.

Researchers from Peking University reported that although eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, they are also rich in various nutrients. They note that previous studies have produced mixed results when it comes to the effect of eggs on circulation. However, for example, a large Chinese study of up to half a million adult volunteers, published in 2018, found that people who eat an average of one egg a day have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke than those who eat eggs less . Often.

To better understand these relationships, the Beijing team looked at how egg consumption affected blood levels of various cardiovascular substances. “Only a few studies have looked at the role of plasma cholesterol metabolism in the association between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease risk. We wanted to bridge that gap,” said Lang Pan of Peking University.

Scientists analyzed the concentration of 225 metabolites in the blood of almost 5 thousand. People, among whom are 3.5 thousand. They had cardiovascular problems. It turns out that those who ate the least eggs had lower levels of beneficial compounds in their blood and higher levels of those that were harmful to the arteries. Egg lovers, for example, have a higher concentration of good lipoprotein (HDL), which picks up cholesterol from the blood vessels.

“Our results provide a possible explanation for why moderate consumption of eggs may help protect against heart disease. More research is needed to test cause-and-effect relationships of lipids and metabolites on the relationship between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease risk,” says the professor. Canqing Yu, also from Peking University.

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Researchers point out, for example, that Chinese recommendations say to eat one egg per day, but the average consumption is less.

The Polish National Center for Nutrition Education also introduces eggs as an important component of the diet (

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