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Edita Gorniak cheerfully says that Alan… he had diabetes! “The coach took him out of the dangerous TARAPATÓW”

Edita Gorniak cheerfully says that Alan... he had diabetes!  "The coach took him out of the dangerous TARAPATÓW"

before a while Alan Krupa He gave up his career in the army in favor of music. The 18-year-old wanted to follow his mother’s path and try his hand at being a singer, more specifically a rapper. Edita Gorniak She is overjoyed and supports the firstborn in this decision: she even turned a blind eye to the fact that the teenager decided to perform on one stage with the son of her enemy, Justina Steczkowska.

In addition to composing music and “twisting” groats He is also immersed in the work of the figure. Long months of killer training in the gym under the watchful eye of a personal trainer and strict dieting paid off and Alan surrendered Up to 15 extra kilos. As one tabloid calculated, the services of certain Leszek Klimas are not cheap …

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It now turns out that visual issues weren’t the only motivation for changing eating habits and investing in a trainer. In an interview with Party magazine, Edita revealed that the man responsible for Alank’s transformation has brought her son more benefit than it might seem.

Coach Liszek Klimas took my son, who was suffering from early onset diabetes, out of a serious problem – Edita Gorniak rashly revealed every two weeks.

Celebrities were supposed to gain extra pounds “Sitting for hours with books, lectures, prayers and meditations.”

She created the platform of the Awakening Academy, a place of energy and spiritual support. I gave this project two years and…forgot the body. completely. My body has been insulted Edita evaluation.

Górniak decided to wage war on fatty foods and remove them entirely from her menu.

I will no longer eat fried foods like donuts or french fries – I confirmed. I also quit pizza and don’t drink any juices that haven’t been freshly squeezed.

Maybe it’s time for some family weight loss program?

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If the child is diabetic and overweight, this means that he did not eat well at home. If she doesn’t eat healthy, then Edita’s health awareness is negligible, consistent with her education. This, in turn, explains her arguments about the vaccine.

Mrs. Edita, do you know what the word diabetes means?

A celebrity was supposed to gain extra pounds “sitting for hours in books and lectures and prayers and meditations.” One conclusion – the above activities are not good for health – fewer prayers and more exercise and that would be fine.

privacy mistress xd

Man is the scourge of this planet. Do you think so too?

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He talks about nonsense that does great social harm.

The boy was overweight and probably had insulin resistance. This is the pre-diabetes stage that you need to get out of. It’s never worth being fat. Belly fat is a great evil at any age. It is very good that they talk about it, because there is a stupid belief that a child or young person is like a “meatball” and they will grow out of it. Well, once you get diabetes, it won’t come out of it to death.

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Yes, he has another year to work at tvpis, there he can spread his anti-vaccine alternative nonsense, confusing people’s minds.

My dad used to carry everything about me behind his back, what do you call it? I was shocked that Gurniak described her as a fool, because she told Alan about diabetes.. what I lived through at the time..

Search? Search. to Choroszcz? to Choroszcz

I’m amazed at Alan’s negativity, he’s not a kid anymore and he has to cut the umbilical cord, not that his mom is going to say publicly how he’s paying for his fight against excess weight, save him from diabetes, and guarantee him a record of his palate. (I wouldn’t call it rap, like Pike) … If he wanted to achieve something, he would have to take fate into his own hands, like Cugowscy, or it would be like lelum-polelum, adding to his mother

Anal Kupa has a hard life. I don’t envy him for anything.

Nowadays, it’s hard not to eat too much sugar with a ton of sugar added to everything. He takes care of the children, there is a Cisowianka to drink at home, plain, carbonated, but I do not approve of some colorful drinks, sometimes on holidays. The same sweets, occasionally, not every day. Young people learn habits from their parents

Oh, okay. Unfortunately, there is another person pretending to be fake and slowly turning into a “gangster”. Staying in the army did not help.

Duda scores all the time. Creates. Editka lance lance. Reheated cutlet.

Remember that these children will pay your pension. A trip with such a son. There will be no money. Only money online. Pay cash as much as possible

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