June 19, 2021

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Edita Gorniak reveals the common denominator between her and Rafai Brzozowski!

Edita Gorniak reveals the common denominator between her and Rafai Brzozowski!

Edisi Gornyak I Rafai Brzozowski In an online chat at the end of April, the conversations were so good that the singer made a decision Invite a younger friend on a hike to his mountain cabin. During breaks from working on the Eurovision piece by Brzoza, a talented duo with a loud voice Together they walked around Krupowki.

I know I Raphael They were also seen together in Opole. The day before the party is remembered Krzysztof Krautzic On the same wavelength the singers met in a restaurant in Opole, where they were sipping drinks, They immersed themselves in lively conversation.

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While it may feel like the start of a more serious relationship, nothing could be more wrong. deny it Gossip about the flowering of these two feelings decided Gornyak herself. Through Instastories, the star posted Joint photo with Brzozowskithat she was wearing deceptive signature.

just friends – I wrote attached مرفق Butterfly emoticons and musical notes.

Let’s remind you that a tabloid recently told that “friends” were planning not only They recorded a song together, but also walked the mountain trails together.

Rafai will visit Edita in Zakopane again. They’ll be working on a new song, but they’re also set to go to the mountains – A person from the artist’s environment said in an interview with “Party”.

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