September 23, 2021

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Edita Grignac despises rules.  I tore the mask sheet off the wall.  Praises for online registration

Edita Grignac despises rules. I tore the mask sheet off the wall. Praises for online registration

Edita Gorniak He appeared on the scene thanks to the second summer tour. It’s a weekly cycle Concerts in various Polish cities. The singer invited to Chełm went against the prevailing rules behind the scenes. I wonder if she will be invited in the future.

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Edita Gurniak tore up the poster and ordered masks

Edita Gurniak has shown that she did not know about the Corona virus in recent months. She said on Instagram that there are additives in hospitals, and you can treat COVID-19 yourself – with vitamin D and oregano. Later, she wandered — she was even nominated for a “Biological Nonsense of the Year” award for her statement about masks. She said we shouldn’t wear it because it’s like “inhaling our own exhaust gas”, which apparently isn’t true. Apparently, not very glorious, the nomination did not prevent her from further harmful actions and statements.

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During Sunday’s participation in the second summer tour, the artist went backstage, flaunting her posters hanging on the wall, looking around and tearing them up. It’s about the obligation to wear masks closet and other rooms. gerniac She mentioned that she would flaunt her misdemeanour on the internet.

It is not a camp. It’s a colony – I wrote on the posted video.

We are curious if Edita will be invited to the next shows. With her behavior she has proven that she is not only violating national restrictions but also festival rules.

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Edita Gorniak threatens to leave the countryEdita Gorniak threatens to leave the country. Doesn’t want to be vaccinated against COVID-19

It is worth noting that 185 new infections were confirmed in Poland in the past 24 hours only Corona Virus. The government is still pointing to the impending fourth wave of the epidemic that it will likely cause Edita Gerniak She will have to convince herself to wear it masks.