October 18, 2021

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Edita Gurniak revealed what she knows about Beata Kozydrac's condition: You really can't help!

Edita Gurniak revealed what she knows about Beata Kozydrac’s condition: You really can’t help!

Information on the arrest of Beata Kozydrac for driving under the influence of alcohol He caused a sensation in the Polish media.

The accident occurred at the beginning of September, when the Warsaw police stopped driving a BMW, which – according to eyewitnesses – was scheduled to go “from sidewalk to curb”.
Officers checked her with a breath dryer and it turned out she had about two for every mile of alcohol in the exhaled air.

Kozydrac regretted and posted an apology on her Instagram account, after which she almost fell underground.

Unexpectedly, a month after the event, she appeared at a concert, where she sang with Justyna Steczkowska, with which she recorded a new song.

“We sang the first song -“ Między nami ”for which she wrote the script, and Justyna – music. Her writing, denotes our artistic life, her beautiful, but sometimes difficult moments …” – Piata taught.

It turns out there are more stars supporting Beata. Earlier, he spoke warmly about her, among others Camille Dorczuk, and now Edita have decided to take the floor.

In an interview with “Fact” she did not judge her behavior, but only confirmed that she “will remain her idol.”

“I can imagine what Beata is feeling right now. This is a moment when you really can’t help it, and it ebbs. No matter what path each of us goes through, Beata Kozydrac is and always will be my idol. How she makes her personal decisions off stage is her work, Her private life, her inner struggles. For me, Beata Kozydrak will always be a great singer, a great artist, a great creator of these works “- said Edita.

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Do you think they will record a song together soon? What can they sing about?