October 21, 2021

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Edyta Górniak is chilly due to Andrzej Piaseczny's exit: "There is nothing big in this"

Edyta Górniak is chilly due to Andrzej Piaseczny’s exit: “There is nothing big in this”

Andrzej Piaseczny He was never one of those people who willingly shared the world with the details of their private lives. But in early May, the singer decided to make an exception. While promoting the latest album, Piasek opened up about his orientation and Advertise it gay. The musician revealed in an interview with Radio Zait that the line from the song “Miłość”,You cannot sleep and stop dreaming, and you only want to share your life with it, “ He describes his own experiences.

Out Andrzej Piaseczny He received wide coverage in the media. Many congratulated the singer on his courage, and his friends from the show business world expressed words of appreciation, including Mishaw Perouge. Recently I decided to talk about it … Edita Jorniac. The singer, who is famous for her love of conspiracy theories, said in an interview with the newspaper Vagt A colleague’s confession did not make much impression on her.

I don’t think this should be viewed in terms of great courage Or climb to the top. There is nothing great about it, if he saves some animal shelter he will have reason to be proud. Otherwise, if he chooses to keep it open, it should be normal Eddie said.

Górniak, who had the opportunity to work with Piaseczny on the show “The Voice of Poland”, admitted that she was not surprised by the singer’s exit.

Andrzej has always been very nice to me. For me, what most of Poland learned is neither a secret nor a secret for many years. If that’s an act of bravery in his opinion, he’s clearly dealing with it that way. For me, this is nothing out of the ordinary (…) I do not see these differences and these divisions. This is not a big deal to me. You fall asleep by the woman, and you sleep by the man. You love red wine, I love white (…) These are obvious things, let’s enjoy the differences and not refer to them as flaws. – Gorniac concluded her argument.

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