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Edyta Górniak you lose a loss by sniffing dinars? “I was in a physical therapist who tested me with electrical impulses”

Edyta Górniak you lose a loss by sniffing dinars?  "I was in a physical therapist who tested me with electrical impulses"

Edita Gorniak For years, she has been one of the greatest Polish stars, despite the fact that she hasn’t released an album in a decade. He stimulates interest in his person in a different way – by expressing strange theories directly from the program “Nie do piety” (“Nie do piety”), once directed by Maciej Trojanovsky.

But recently, Internet users have been interested in something other than the singer’s controversial statements. They pointed out that the star I took some body. She herself referred to these comments, and directly admitted that she had gained weight.

I’ve been reading lately Malicious comments that I am bloated. no – I just gained weight. simply in the world – She said in an interview with Jastrząb Post.

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Deva said there were “two main reasons” for this. The first is that when she was on tour, she would eat meals at certain times and exercise more.

Now, when there are different TV projects, but no parties and no tour, come I just leave a little – confessed.

as a second reason Edita Instead, she mentioned… Iodine deficiency. It should all be a move into the mountains.

My thyroid is thirsty for iodine (…) I was at my physiotherapist who examined me using electrical pulses and concluded that there was no iodine at all Górniak reveals.

Are you looking forward to the final effect of her “transformation”?

Everyone who lives by the sea should be sticky bugs 🙂

Here, electric shocks may be rather helpful.

Perhaps hormone replacement therapy. After all, stars don’t age

Maybe it’s better to check the electrical impulses first or are you okay with your mind? .

Haha only skinny girls by the sea

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ignorant people. Before you laugh at someone, find them and read them. In today’s diet, the iodine content is very low and we suffer from the health consequences of its deficiency. Your doctor is not likely to tell you this, this is not in line with the pharmacy and the mainstream. I also lost weight quickly since taking iodine.

Another evidence that the lack of a high school diploma led to false wisdom.

Inhaling Edzia Iod was also good for the brain

The mockery of Edith continues. Since she hasn’t endorsed vaccines, you’re driving her crazy. Words taken out of context.

And it would have been very beautiful, great beauty and talent, here is a big boom, the woman turned into a little one, she lost everything, mixed up in her head, the second VV is growing before our eyes! It can also end like this!! Compassion!

Bouzouk lived by the sea

People, is it important? I suffer from cancer and this is a problem. Is weight a few kilograms the most important problem in the world?

I bought slimming patches and lost 5 kilos in a week and put them on my lips

Mariusk, what are you drinking for dinner today???? 😋

In a free country, everyone should have the right to decide his health and how to achieve it. If she chooses unconventional methods and serves them, she has the right to. In academic medicine, although not yet developed, there is still little emphasis on nutrition and prevention. So, these two branches can be summed up beautifully in complimenting each other.

I once again preached the wisdom that kneels on the knees of nations!

lax end! Monkeypox transmitted with these viruses, the war in Ukraine will end soon

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