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Edyta Pazura is going through a rough time. “He wanted the head to explode into a thousand pieces.”

Edyta Pazura is going through a rough time.  "He wanted the head to explode into a thousand pieces."

The Claws house isn’t very happy now. Edita Bazura revealed exactly what is happening with them. Cesare’s wife struggles with allergies, in addition, the children themselves give her responsibilities. And that’s not all! She had to involve lawyers because someone went so far as to make criminal threats against her husband…

Cezary Pazura’s wife is very active on social media and often talks about what her life really is like. And it’s not always colourful. It turns out Edita and her family have been going through a rough time lately.

First things first: health problems. Claw suffers from a tired allergy that she “puts on her scapula.” People find it hard to believe that her watery eyes are an allergy…

Even worse, “her children remembered that the end of the school year was a good time to start learning and, moreover, to involve their mother in the process.” Thus it was involved in gluing stained glass and other similar things.

And this is not the end of fears! More problems… with Covid vaccines.

In the post summary, Edita shared her opinion that the internet should be blocked for some. Who do you think she meant?

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