September 22, 2021

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EFM Show 2. Average performance, but successful rematch by Michał Materla

EFM Show 2. Average performance, but successful rematch by Michał Materla

In an evening battle of EFM Show 2 in Bulgaria, Michał Materla (30-8) defeated Moise Rimbon (25-14-3) and avenged the loss 15 years ago. However, the disposition of the inhabitant of Szczecin did not bring him to his knees.

Maciej Zumowski

Mickey Matterla

Press materials / KSW / Sebastian Rudnicki / Pictured: Michel Matterla

The first confrontation between “Cipao” and “Swamp” took place in 2006. Michał Materla and Grzegorz Jakubowski represented Europe in the MMA World Freefight Challenge, “Europe vs Brazil”. Jakubowski won his battle, while Moise Rimbon turned out to be the conqueror of Materla. The French won the decision.

After the first fight with Rimbon, Materla went to KSW, where he became the star and legend of the organization. He was the champion of the middle class. In November 2020, he fought the last battle of the Polish businessman. He lost to Robert Soldyck and decided to leave for the EFM show, of which he became co-owner.

Moise Rimbon is back in his cage after a two-year hiatus. In the last fights, he lost to Carlos Femula and Dmitry Minakov. Materla seems to be an easy opponent.

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But the reality was brutal. It is true that Michai Materla won the decision, but he did not look like the player he represented years ago. He had chances to concede to a rival, but failed to take advantage of them.

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The Szczecin player did a little better than the 44-year-old Rimbon for fifteen minutes, but the fans had higher expectations of him. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

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