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Eggs are expensive. And this is not the end. why? we asked an expert

Eggs are expensive.  And this is not the end.  why?  we asked an expert

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When do we expect inflation to peak?

If in recent weeks it has seemed to you that every time you visit a shop or market you see a new, higher price for eggs, you are thinking well. Eggs are one of the fastest growing foods.

The eggs have jumped

According to the latest report Central Bureau of StatisticsAnd the inflation In October, it rose to 17.9 percent. on an annual basis. Within a month, that is, compared to September 2022, prices increased by 1.8%. This is a general indicator, in the case of some products or services increased further. That’s what happened to whites – they increased by 7.5 percent in one month. Only vegetable prices rose faster month-on-month (assigned by the GUS as a group category) – by 8.1 percent. Year after year, eggs are becoming more and more expensive 21.7 percent

The Central Bureau of Statistics provides the only official measures of inflation, and its calculation is a complex process that begins with identifying what is called the inflation basket. We explain it in the following text (data on price hikes or basket weights used in them refer to the past, but the methodology itself has not changed):

Prices have gone up. How does the Central Bureau of Statistics measure inflation? The full list of merchandise is confidential

In the announcements of the Central Bureau of Statistics there are no prices, only their change (increase or decrease). We, together with the portal and the CMR research company, check the prices of more than 30 food products sold in smaller stores (up to 300 square meters) every month. It is not a report comparable to the “Gusowski” report, as it only shows a part of the market, but its advantages include the fact that we see specific and average prices for the products we choose. Our price basket is based on data from real receipts. In his October reading, you can see that whites in convenience stores increased 32.8 percent. on an annual basis and 21.1 percent. From month to month. You had to pay an average of 9.20 PLN for a pack of 10 eggs – in September it was 7.60 PLN, and in October last year 6.93 PLN.

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Receipt report for the month of October.  Dairy prices are on the rise, and vegetables are on the rise.Dismal receipt report. Milk for PLN 4.8, vegetables have skyrocketed in price

All this is confirmed by experts, adding international context. – Prices of table eggs are increasing in many places in the world, including heavily in the European Union, Great Britain and the United States. Egg prices in the European Union have risen to an all-time high. Average wholesale price of table eggs in the European Union in the second week of November 2.33 € / kg i.e It was more than 2/3 – 68 percent exactly. higher than in the same week last year. growth in Poland The comparative price (expressed in euros) over the year was slightly stronger than the EU average reached 77 percent. However, in Germany or Hungary, egg prices doubled at the same time, notes Michał Koleśnikow, head of the sector analysis team at PKO BP, in a comment to

Where did this increase come from?

Why are eggs more expensive? First of all, as in the case of many other food products, the reason is the significant increase in production costs – energy Electricity, fuel, but also fodder. The PKO BP analyst here also adds significant market uncertainty regarding energy (including its supply).

– As a result, with low profitability of production and an uncertain future in the spring and summer, producers have drastically reduced the number of laying hens placed in chicken coops. In Poland, from April to July, 20 percent are hatched. The number of laying hens chicks is less than the previous year. After a few months, we see the result in a decrease in the supply of eggs in the market Mikhail Kolesnikov says:

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Another reason is bird flu, which is observed mainly in Western Europe. We wrote about it recently on the example of Great Britain. Due to problems with the supply of eggs, some chain stores have introduced restrictions on the purchase of 2-3 packages per customer. When a disease appears in a flock of laying hens, all animals are killed. Farmers in the UK are also now required to keep their birds indoors – an embarrassment for those raising free-range eggs.

Eggs (pictured)UK Britain has an egg problem. Rationing began in stores

And third: the war in Ukraine. – Ukraine before the war It was an important source of eggs and egg products. Current problems for producers mean reduced supply on international markets and higher prices. Moreover, in some countries, along with an increase in meat and dairy prices, there was a greater interest in the consumption of eggs, which led to an increase in prices, – notes Micha Kullinikov.

What awaits us now? According to the PKO BP expert, you need to be prepared for the fact that eggs will be very expensive for a long time. – It seems that Extremely high egg prices will stay with us at least for the next few months. Egg production cannot be increased from week to week or even from month to month. Adjustments are likely to take at least half a year, so Christmas egg prices are likely to be quite high – says

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