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Ekstraklasa studio. Bartosz Kapustka on his situation in Legia Warszawa and the unlucky “celebration”

Ekstraklasa studio.  Bartosz Kapustka on his situation in Legia Warszawa and the unlucky "celebration"

“Studio Ekstraklasa” is a program that was launched on July 26. It airs every Monday at 20.00 until the end of the 2021/2022 football season. The main sponsor and partner of the project is PKO Bank Polski. In the sixth episode, guests of Sebastian Staszowski were Slawmir Pesko and football player of Legia Warszawa, Bartosz Kapustka.

At first, Sebastian Staszewski and his guests summed up the blow of the sixth round, that is, the match of Huska Krakow and Legia Warsaw. They confirmed that Yao Yeboah was making a difference again. The game is unconventional. I like to watch such players. It is good for Ekstraklasa that we have such players in competition. Felicio Brown Forbes and Yeboah are the two best players in this match – Bartosz Kapustka rated.

Kapustka is currently doing rehabilitation after a knee joint injury. The fact that his knee problems have recovered was evident under rather tragic circumstances – after scoring in European competitions and after he was very happy with this shot. Interestingly, Kapustka was reminded on the show of the controversial tweet of an Interia journalist, Michał Przybycień, who wrote on Twitter that “Kapustka suffered an injury in a way that he never mentally grew up on great football.”

The editor of Przybycień and the footballer himself had the opportunity to speak about this prior to the program and to explain the broader context of this statement. – He’s not sure of his statement anymore – Kapostka joked. He then explained his approach to this “celebration”. – This is football. The next day I had these thoughts: “Oh my God, you probably shouldn’t have done this.” But this is life, I may also hurt myself on the stairs. I do not blame myself – Kapustka summed up.

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Swomer Bisko echoed him. – Kamel Celik played hundreds of times in volleyball and in training camp he was not so lucky that he got this unfortunate injury – he mentioned it.

Sebastian Staszewski tried to find out where – in the case of the footballer in Legia Warsaw – Krakow’s choice of rehab site? – In Krakow, I have the best conditions I can imagine. Since I had a similar injury as a Leicester player, I also rehabilitated most of the time in Krakow – Kapustka explained.

The “military” footballer also spoke in “Studio Ekstraklasa” about the status of his contract at Legia Warszawa. Does the club use the extension option? No one spoke to me. It all depends on Lygia – said Kaputka. – I’m not the one who should knock on the door and talk about it.

There was also the issue of appointments to the staff of Paulo Sousa and the question of farewell to Piotr Stokowiec in Lechia Gdańsk. Editor Staszewski revealed that according to his information it was a termination rather than a termination by mutual agreement.

Staszewski and his guests also raised the issue of Kamil Grosicki’s move to Pogoń. – Do you regret that he did not go to Legia Warsaw? Half a year ago there was such a topic – Staszewski asked Kapostka. “I think it would be a reinforcement for us as well,” the Legion admitted.


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