October 19, 2021

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elections in Germany.  Scandal or campaign?  Olaf Schultz and the aftermath of a police raid

elections in Germany. Scandal or campaign? Olaf Schultz and the aftermath of a police raid

Monday, September 20, 10 am secret meeting of the Finance Committee Bundestag This is the Bundestag’s schedule for next week. The “conversation” with Federalnym Finance Minister and SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Amazing searches in ministries

The commission will discover what is behind the astonishing search last Thursday for the ministries of finance and justice led by the Social Democratic Party. Application The opposition parties, the FDP, the Left, and the Greens submitted requests for a meeting of the Finance Committee. The Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union, which still form a government coalition with the SPD, chanted.

This is a highly explosive condition that occurs at different levels. It primarily concerns the investigation carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Osnabrück against the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Cologne. This office is responsible for combating dirty laundry Money The financing of international terrorism, however, does not work, because it shows a lack of personnel and organization. In 2020, 144,000 reports of suspected money laundering by banks were submitted to the FIU’s Cologne facility, only 17 percent of which were handed over to the police and the attorney general’s office.

The investigation has been going on for a year and a half

The FIU is organizationally subordinate to the Customs Service, and therefore indirectly to the Federal Ministry of Finance. Olaf Schultz, as the head of this department, exercises legal oversight of the Financial Intelligence Unit, which means that he controls whether this office operates legally. However, operationally, the FIU operates independently of Ministry of Financewhich cannot judge or give direction to the individual operations of the FIU.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Osnabrück has been investigating FIU employees suspected of supporting them since February 2020. It is a report submitted by one of the bank From Osnabrück, regarding a suspicious transfer of funds to Africa in the total amount of 1.7 million euro. The bank suspected the money was being used to finance terrorism and reported it to the Financial Intelligence Unit, but Cologne’s office did not send it to the investigating authorities.

Police chase and its importance

During last week’s police raid, emails exchanged between the FIU and the Ministry of Finance were to be secured and the names of FIU employees responsible for this money transfer were to be identified. This is evident from the inspection order.

However, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Osnabrück issued a statement to the press about him, which gave the impression that he is also investigating Olaf Scholz. The purpose of the research was to clarify the suspicion of a crime, and in particular – to establish individual responsibility, as we read in this statement. It further states that “the other point is to examine whether and to what extent management and accountable persons in the ministries of finance and justice, as well as higher institutions, have been linked to decisions made by the FIU”.

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Was this stalking politically motivated?

For the SPD, it is clear and straightforward. It is a conspiracy against her and the SPD accuses the CDU of running a political smear campaign. The CDU wants to prevent the SPD from winning the Bundestag elections by all available means. It is worth noting here that the head of the public prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück was the head of the CDU in one of the cities of Lower Saxony and the head of the office of the then Minister of Justice in this state, and was also a member of the CDU, who is also an active politician today and holds the position of Deputy Speaker of the Lower Saxony State Parliament.

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To clarify the discrepancy between the judge’s ordered search and the press release of the Osnabrück Public Prosecutor’s Office, Minister Schultz’s secretary, Wolfgang Schmidt, posted a portion of it on Twitter, which is legally inadmissible, and the investigation is currently suspended. against Schmidt, and his Twitter entry was deleted.

SPD is foam

Saskia Esken, co-chair of the Social Democratic Party, defends Schmidt. She said in a radio interview, “publishing part of the prosecution’s announcement is ‘necessary’ because it is ‘incorrect’.” The investigation of this prosecution is not directed against the Federal Minister of Finance, but this announcement created such a ‘false impression’.

Esken criticized the decision to search the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance as “inappropriate.” An increasing number of media professionals and legal experts believe that the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Osnabrück acted in an inappropriate manner, as it could easily obtain the information it needed by phone or e-mail.

This view is also widely reflected on social media. The hashtag #CDUgate is currently debating how much this police manhunt would harm the CDU rather than Schulz and the SPD, if it turns out that it was not carried out in error before the Bundestag elections. However, it will be difficult to prove this, and this issue will not be discussed at Monday’s meeting of the Bundestag Finance Committee.

The members of this committee want to know much more than Secretary Schulz what he knows about irregularities in the FIU. Thus, the Wirecard research story is repeated here. “Schulz doesn’t have a ministry on hand, which is embarrassing for anyone who wants to become a chancellor,” says FDP Finance Committee member Florian Toinkar.

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A power struggle introduced in the Finance Committee?

The meeting of the Bundestag Finance Committee on Monday (20/09/2021) will be somewhat unpleasant for Scholz. Besides, she annoys him and interrupts his campaign. Scholz, now located in southern Germany, tried to prevent this and offered to attend the commission’s meeting by phone, but its members refused to do so.

MEPs from the Free Democratic Party, the Left, and the Greens, who called the meeting, said if necessary, he would have to appear in person at the meeting. If Olaf Schultz did not appear on her, she would be boycotted until he reached her from southern Germany.

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