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Electric bike fire in US

Electric bike fire in US
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October 31, 2022, 10:58

Electric bike and scooter fires are on the rise in the US. Due to lack of adequate infrastructure and battery costs, the city’s couriers face the problem.

Source photo Pexels | Pixabe.


In New York City, fires occur four times a week while charging electric bikes and scooters. So far, 174 cases have been registered in 2022 (four times more than in 2020).

Burning bicycles

Ignition usually occurs when lithium-ion batteries are overcharged and defective ones are used. Many of them are owned by bicycle couriers who work in local restaurants. The costs of new energy storage are very high compared to the wages. Users are aware of the problem, but take the risk.

One of the interviewees NPR, an immigrant from Bangladesh, bought a reputed brand of battery specifically to avoid fire. He paid 550 dollars (over 2,500 zlotys) per piece. By comparison, bicycle food vendors in New York They earn At an average of USD 12.21 (about PLN 60) per hour, there is a growing desire to buy cheaper alternatives, which do not always automatically stop using electricity after being fully charged. If humans do not disconnect them from the power supply, they will continue to heat up, the consequences of which will be fatal.

In New York, fire problems are more common than in other cities. The reasons are the density of buildings and the spread of food with distribution. Many couriers receive orders through apps like Uber Eats and Door Dash, which don’t offer overnight storage or charging. As a result, many people “garage” their two-wheelers in the same residence.

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How to solve the problem?

New York officials planned to pass a law this summer banning “electricians” and their battery cells from keeping them in their homes — unfortunately, to no avail. The new plans provide for the city to ban the sale of used batteries or to establish an agency that checks duplicates in commercial circulation.. However, another idea is to build a charging station for e-cyclists.

  1. Official website of the New York City Fire Department

4 fires per week.  Problem with Electric Bikes – Explanation #1

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