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Elijah Bachlida-Curro and Colin Farrell: The actress wants to settle accounts with the Irish star

Elijah Bachlida-Curro and Colin Farrell: The actress wants to settle accounts with the Irish star

Before Colin Farrell I started dating Elijah Bachlida Koro, was linked to journalist Emma Forrest. He met her at the movie premiere in 2008. The relationship was very serious – the journalist said – they planned a joint future, and even a child. Everything collapsed when a beautiful Polish woman appeared in the actor’s life, who allegedly picked him up in the presence of … Forrest. At least that’s what you can read in Your Voice in My Head.

Apparently, after the Polish woman’s words, there was silence as if he was sowing a poppy seed. Only after a while did Alicja Bachleda-Curuś realize that his partner was on Farrell’s side and began apologizing.

Behavior after that evening Varela Hill Towards Forrest was about to change dramatically. The conversation about living together and the baby is over. In the end, the actor told the press that he “needs space.”

Farrell went to the set of ‘Ondine’ where he starred alongside… Elijah Bachlida Koro. Then everything happened very quickly. There was information in the media that Alice was pregnant, and Emma realized that her relationship with Colin had ended and She wanted to commit suicide. She did not spare in her book words of criticism against her opponent. She described Alice as “ridiculous and a loser”.

Alicia Bachelda-Coro and Colin Farrell have been together for two years and have a son, Henry. The actress has never commented on the events that took place years ago, although she was deeply hurt by Emma Forrest’s criticism.

According to the weekly “Na Żywo”, he is preparing to write a book about the scenes of his romance with Colin Farrell. She finally wants to come to terms with the traumatic experiences.

The actress is also preparing for the wedding with her current American fiancé. The couple officially engaged on New Year’s Eve In 2020. On New Year’s Day, Alaa posted a photo of her diamond ring on Instagram. In the background was a man who had two children.

The book about her relationship with Colin is also supposed to give her peace. Which bestseller is getting ready?

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