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Elimination of a Polish representative from Finau Parai in M ​​2022! Polish representation

Elimination of a Polish representative from Finau Parai in M ​​2022!  Polish representation

It wasn’t like that. Polish representation He plays his last match in the World Cup qualifying round in Qatar. By the break, the team led by Paulo Sousa was losing National Stadium With Hungary 0: 1. Andreas Schaefer scored the only goal in the first half.

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Matthews Cleach’s Nightmare. Yellow card and pause in the qualifiers

Despite the fact that the Polish national team got a promotion to the playoffs already in Friday’s game with Andorra (4:1), they still have something to fight for. In the duel with Hungary, the Poles are trying to win a seed in the March qualifiers. Unfortunately, so far come very badly to us Staff complicate the situation.

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In addition, it is already known that one of the pillars of our national team will be missing in the play-offs – Matthews Klitsch. The midfielder, who plays for Leeds United on a daily basis, fouled an opponent badly in the 42nd minute of the match and was given a yellow card for it. This means he will have to pause for the first match in March.

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clich However, it can also speak of a lot of luck. A foul for which he was given a yellow card can have even greater consequences. According to former Polish actor Kamil Kosowski, among others, this behavior even deserves a red card. This, on the other hand, can exclude the pole from more than one meeting

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