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Elizabeth II and Joe Biden met. The story of the Queen’s meetings with the President [ZDJĘCIA]

Elizabeth II and Joe Biden met.  The story of the Queen's meetings with the President [ZDJĘCIA]

  • Elizabeth II and Joe Biden will meet at Windsor Castle on June 13, 2021. This time the US President will meet with the Queen of Great Britain during the G7 summit in Cornwall
  • During Elizabeth II’s reign, there were already 14 U.S. presidents in the White House. The Queen met 13 of them – Lyndon b. Johnson was the only one who did not recognize her
  • In our gallery we recall Elizabeth II’s meetings with American presidents: Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden
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Elizabeth II has already become the longest reigning monarch in British history and the longest living monarch in the world.. She has been queen since 1952 (although she was crowned a year later). He has seen a changing world, organizations and governments. One might say – the world is changing, governments are falling, Britain is still leading it – tirelessly with dedication to her native Elizabeth II.

During more than 60 years of rule, the British Queen met with the most powerful people in the world. Diplomatic visits, trips and meetings were her daily life. Not surprisingly, King, one of America’s greatest allies, had many opportunities to meet with American presidents.

Queen Elizabeth II and Joe Biden meet with the 13th President of the United States

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Britain and the United States have been close friends for many years. British monarchs met with American presidents from time to time (Queen Victoria has not met anything during her 63 years of rule!). A turning point in their general history was the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. (I.e. the parents of the current king) in Washington In June 1939

– Franklin d. Roosevelt wrote an article on the President’s Library’s website.

Photo: Photogest / Getty Images / Getty Images

George VI Queen Elizabeth and Franklin d. Roosevelt, with Eleanor Roosevelt (President’s wife) and Sarah Roosevelt (President’s mother) in 1939.

The daughter of George VI Elizabeth II, who had already met 13 US presidents, maintained good relations with US presidents. Lyndon b. Johnson was not the only one he met.

Joe Biden is the 14th President of the United States during his reign The 13th one was a pleasure to meet her.

The first of them – Harry ‘Ego Trumana – He met when he was a princess – During an official visit to the United States in 1951.

Photo: G.P. / MBI / Capital Images / Capital Images / Eastern News / Eastern News

Elizabeth II and US Presidents: Harry Truman

Which American president got the cupcake recipe from Elizabeth II? Who made the mistake of including her in her birth record … 200 years? Who is the queen of the game of baseball?

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Sit down – we’ll take you on a trip to the British-American diplomatic missions.

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