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Elon Musk vs Twitter. The court sided with the site

Elon Musk vs Twitter.  The court sided with the site

The Delaware state court has decided that the trial will begin relatively early, at the request of Twitter’s attorney, as the atmosphere of uncertainty that followed Musk’s decision to terminate the contract is detrimental to the company. Lawyers for the opposing party have sought to postpone the trial until February.

Twitter will fight in court To force Musk to complete the purchase plan. The company’s management emphasizes that waiting for the dispute to be resolved has a negative impact on its business operations and makes it difficult to make important decisions.

Social media attorney William Savitt said in court that the delay attempt was an “attempt to sabotage” and that Musk was trying to “destroy Twitter.”

Musk’s attorney, Andrew Rossman, responded that the billionaire cannot destroy Twitter because he owns the company’s second-largest stock portfolio by value, and that a subsequent trial would be desirable given the amount of material and evidence to be analyzed.

Musk withdrew from the deal on July 8When he wrote in a Twitter message that he was terminating the purchase agreement Because of “false and misleading” company information. The social network, which found itself in a very difficult situation, because the atmosphere of uncertainty for him could mean a loss of investor confidence in connection with Musk’s accusations and the anger of advertisers, decided to sue the billionaire.

Opinions have emerged in the US media for several weeks that all confusion with the Twitter takeover plan, accusing the company of reducing the number of fake accounts and withdrawing from the deal may be Musk’s maneuver to lower the price of the site or surrender. Purchase them without paying the fine stipulated in the initial contract.

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