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Elżbieta Zającówna appeared with her husband and daughter. This is what it looks like now

Elżbieta Zającówna appeared with her husband and daughter.  This is what it looks like now

  • Elżbieta Zającówna gained fame as the unforgettable Hanka from the cult series “Mothers, Wives and Lovers”
  • After the huge success of the series, Zającówna unexpectedly moved into the shadows. The actress rarely appeared in salons
  • A few days ago, she showed herself in front of the lenses of photojournalists
  • Hosted with her daughter, Gabriella, on the promotion of her husband’s book, Krzysztof Jaroszyński
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This year, it has been exactly 25 years since the premiere of the cult series “Mothers, wives and mistresses“Exit from Julius Macholsky I Ryszar Zatorsky. Although the production only aired for two years, All of Poland followed the fate of four friends and their love glowed with glowing faces.

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a relative Gabriella KonakaAnd Majorzata Potoca I The great Romantovsky He was the biggest star of course Elżbieta ZającównaWhich started shortly after the success of the show They appear less and less in salons And they stopped participating in the lives of celebrities. I have now decided to make an exception.

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Elżbieta Zającówna returned to the salons. This is what she looked like with her husband and daughter

Elżbieta Zającówna She recently appeared in the premiere of her new husband’s book Krzysztof JaroszyńskiTitled “Semiconductors in Poland. 100 Places, 100 Personal Stories”.

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Beloved by the popular and satirical director (Jaroszyński is the creator of a series like: “Leper”, “Graczykowie” or “Daleko od noszy”) The daughter of the artists also attended Gabriela Jaroszyńska, who turned 30 this year.

Photo: Baranowski Michał / AKPA

Elżbieta Zającówna with her husband Krzysztof Jaroszyński and daughter Gabriella

My dad wrote a book that isn’t actually a guide to Poland, but it’s a few For those who care more about the type of thinking when choosing places to travel »I wonder which place in Poland is the ugliest” or “Find the strangest museum and go to it”Gabriela Jaroszyńska wrote on Facebook shortly before the book’s premiere.

Gabriella, although she is the daughter of filmmakersAnd She has never been in the parenting industry for a long time (She had an episode at the age of 10 of “Graczykowie.”) However, the 30-year-old is associated with the widely understood world of entertainment. Dancing is her great passion, she even worked in the studio of Agustin Egurrola. She has fulfilled herself as a coach in camps for fans of the genre of pop music. She is fascinated by this kind of art. What is more, Gabriella studied Japanese and the culture of this country.

Currently, the daughter of Elżbieta Zającówna and Krzysztof Jaroszyński is associated with another branch of the entertainment industry. Especially in 2019 He got a job at the famous CD Projekt RED companyHe is responsible for such visits to players like “The Witcher” or “Cyberpunk 2077”. 30 years She specializes in marketing there.

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Photo: Baranowski Michał / AKPA

Elżbieta Zającówna with her husband Krzysztof Jaroszyński and daughter Gabriella

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