September 23, 2021

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Eminem's child admitted that he is a non-binary person.  Stevie showed off his transformation

Eminem’s child admitted that he is a non-binary person. Stevie showed off his transformation

It was built by Eminem Baby He shared a video on TikTok in which he told that he is a non-binary person. He noted that x is open to all pronouns and now uses the name Stevie.

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Inform Eminem’s child, Stevie, that he is a non-binary person

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Eminem’s kid, Stevie, a non-binary person

Eminem has three children Biology of Hayley’s daughter and two adopted daughters – Alina and Stevie. The last of them showed his transformation on TikTok and admitted that he is a non-binary person. He gives up the name Whitney and asks to use the new name – Stevie.

The recording shows exactly the path he took. First, it shows pictures where he used the name Whitney and the pronouns, then he moves to pictures with Stevie and the person open to all the pronouns.

See how I feel more comfortable with myself. I’m constantly evolving and changing – Stevie Q wrote.

You can see the recording at the top of the text. Openness to all pronouns in English is reduced to the singular for “they,” which is neutral and does not specify whether we are dealing with a woman or a man. In Polish we don’t have developed usability in the context of non-binary people. One possibility is to use an alternate character, such as “wrotexm” or “books_m”. The gender neuter is also often used (“books,” “books”) or alternately male and female forms. You can read more about non-binary pronouns at

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Non-binary person – what does that mean?

A non-binary person is someone whose gender does not fit into the binary division into men and women. They may be on the spectrum between the two KM categories, they may have a flexible gender identity, and they may not identify with any gender.

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