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Emotions in وودód – Widzew wins with Górnik

Emotions in وودód - Widzew wins with Górnik

This meeting was full of tones. The last coaches from Górnik Polkowice became Widzew coaches. The first Enkeleid Dobi, among others. Because he was able to win with Widzew 4:3 as the champion of the second league, and gave his team offensive football. At ód, audience members were expected to play the same. However, that didn’t happen, and the coach was fired in April of this year after his first defeat in the Spring Tour. On Saturday it was in the Widzew bleachers. – 17 players played in this match, I was in the lead – coach Dobby said. – I’m sorry I was Widzew’s coach, I’ve only seen such full stands twice.

After the previous season, Janusz Niedźwiedź came to Widzew, who took over Górnik from Dobi and was promoted to League One. Moments ago, Mateusz Drodo, president of the club’s supervisory board from Pulkovic, had become president of the club in ód.

The home side were the favorites because they’ve done so well since the start of the season – winning four out of five matches. Górnik scored a full set of points only once. However, Pulkovici players who remember Coach Bear were sure to get out of their skin to appear in front of the coach.

The coach was almost faithful to the football saying that the winning team does not change. Of the eleven who interviewed Stomil Olsztyn, only Pawe Zieliński was missing. The Lodz defender suffered an injury in the last game and did not have time to fully recover.

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From the start, the residents of ód tried to push their rivals to the attack. Several times it was dangerous for Gornik’s goal. Mateusz Michalsky squandered the perfect position, and luckily for him, it turned out to be an offside position earlier. After a while, the Widzew midfielder tried to impose a penalty, but the referee was not fooled.

However, Górnik showed how to plot a counterattack. Mateusz Petkowski tricked Tomasz Dejoski and defeated Jakob Vrubel without any problems. This is Widzew’s first home goal this season.

It only took two minutes for the hosts to get to the top level. After a cross into the penalty area, Marek Hanusk scored the ball 20 meters, and Julius Letniovsky beat the goalkeeper with a powerful shot.

In the 23rd minute, the residents of Lodz were very lucky after the counterattack of Guernik. First, Eryk Sobków tricked Daniel Tanżyna, but Widzew’s stopwatch managed to block the shot. It wasn’t the end of the problems, but the hosts struggled hard. The guests approached the spectators without respect, built better movements and played the ball faster. It was easier for them to get under the penalty area, but they weren’t as effective.

Coach Nedovic’s players started the second half with a powerful blow. Patryk Stępiński attacked on the right side, playing in the penalty area, where Bartosz Guzdek hit the first ball and Widzew was ahead. He continued the hit – only Gurnick’s players watched while Tanchina ran behind the ball about 40 meters and shot not defensively from the corner of the penalty area.

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However, this was not the end of emotions. The judge decided that Górnik should receive a penalty for playing Stępiński’s hand. Piątkowski confidently kicked from a distance of 11 metres. There was no shortage of feelings until the end of the meeting. The goal was scored by Guddyk, but with his hand that was caught by the referee. After a while, there was no doubt after a powerful shot from about 25 meters from Patrick Mucha.

Until the end of the match, both teams sought to score more goals, but they were not scored. Widzew won the debt.


Widzow – Gornik Polkovice 4: 2 (1: 1)

Objectives: Letniowski (18), Guzdek (46), Tanżyna (57), Mucha (81) – Piątkowski (16, 60, penal).

Widzew: Wrąbel – Nowak, Dejewski, Tanżyna – Stępiński, Hanousek, Letniowski (71. Mucha), Danielak (64. Kun), Michalski (82. Villa), Nunes (65. Gołębiowski) – Guzdek (81. Tomczyk).

Miner: Furtak – Radziemski, Biernat, Magdziak, Opałacz (60. Ratajczak) – Sobków (86. Mazurowski), Pałaszewski, Purzycki (60. Bancewicz), Wacławczyk (81. Żołraż), Szmykows (81ż. Szołraws) ), Szmykows (81. ołraż), Szmykows (81. ołraż), Szmykows (81. ołraż).

yellow cards: Guddyk – Bernat.

Rule: Radosław Trochimiuk (Ciechanów).

Viewers: 15 743.

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