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Empty shelves in German stores Rewe, Edeka, Lidl. Coca-Cola, coffee and rice are missing

Empty shelves in German stores Rewe, Edeka, Lidl.  Coca-Cola, coffee and rice are missing

This is the result of the trade war between producers and supermarkets. The Agence France-Presse, referred to by Al-Bawaba, explained that the main focus of the dispute was the rise in production costs. Suppliers decided to raise prices and supermarkets responded with refusal. Manufacturers pull their products off store shelves.

Supermarkets are rushing to find alternatives in the form of private label products. “As a result, the shelves of many German stores are empty” – we read.

Retailers believed that producers were looking for an excuse to raise prices.

Many global brands are trying to use inflation to exaggerate their profits and increase their profits, defends a spokesman for Edeka, one of the largest retail chains, in an interview with a French agency. Rewe was also affected by the problems.

At the moment, both of these retail chains receive about 300 products from the Mars concerns, including not only the popular Mars bars and Snickers, but also rice and cat food. There is also a shortage of Jacobs Doe Egberts coffee.

“Aldi and Lidl do not have Danone products – the largest producer of yogurt in the world. Edeka is also in a legal dispute with Coca-Cola over the sudden withdrawal of products of this brand from the network” – we read further.

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In Poland, producers are also raising prices

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