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End of account sharing by Netflix during profile transfer Additional fee

End of account sharing by Netflix during profile transfer Additional fee

Emails about the new Netflix feature It also reaches Polish subscribers of the platform. The website called “Netflix Account Update: Profile Transfer Activated”.

Great message! The profile transfer functionality is now fully available to other people using your account. Now people who use your account can transfer your profile — including recommendations, watch history, My playlist, save games, settings, and more — to a paid account. We will never transfer your payment information. In addition, child profiles cannot be transferred. All saved games and game progress related to the profile will be transferred to the new account, we read in a message from Netflix.

Interestingly, the tool can be blocked. You decide what options are available on your account. Click here to disable the profile transfer option. You can also turn it off by logging into your account in your browser. If you are concerned about the security of your account, follow these steps. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit the Help Center for more information or contact us, suggests the global leader in SVoD.

Additional fees will appear after the new year

The new feature may apply to young people who have just moved out of their family, roommates or partners. Thanks to profile transfer, for example, a girl going through a breakup won’t have to look at her ex’s name every day. Netflix will convince her to create an account for her. The tool has been tested since March in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.
The American portal CNET reported that from the beginning of 2023, the giant will charge a fee for each additional user. The feature has been tested in Latin America and the fee is about a quarter of the standard plan. In Poland, the standard package costs 43 PLN per month. Thus, the fee will be 10-11 PLN per month for each user outside the home. CNET notes that fees may only be available on the two most expensive plans.

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It is also unlikely to appear in the bundle with the ads that Netflix launches in early November in 12 markets. These are the United States, Australia, Brazil, France, Spain, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. In the UK, the show is expected to cost £4.99 and $6.99. On December 8, Disney+ also introduced a cheaper option with ads in the US market. Subscription costs $7.99, which is equivalent to the current subscription without ads. This will increase to $10.99. Netflix decided to introduce an ad package and tighten the fight against account sharing after the number of subscribers plummeted at the start of the year.

At the moment, it is not known how the platform will check how many homes are using a particular account. As part of tests in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Netflix attempted to quarantine users’ whereabouts. If the app detects streaming in additional homes for more than two weeks, it has invited you to change your account settings and pay for additional users.

Do you win the competition and the pirates?

The world’s largest streaming platform takes a lot of risks trying to enforce a ban on password sharing. Netflix competitors, such as Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, don’t complain loudly about this practice. For some users, this may be an opportunity to enter the competition. The Netflix 4K package for 4K already costs PLN 60 per month. At this price, you can buy Disney+ and HBO Max every month, also in 4K. Many of these products can be found on Amazon Prime Video, an annual rather than monthly subscription that costs PLN 49.

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Chinese sales sites for less than 10 PLN per month offer pirated listings of more than ten thousand TV channels from around the world, several thousand series and films from all the most popular SVoD platforms, including Netflix. So some existing Netflix users may bet on illegal subscriptions. The interfaces of hacking apps are becoming more friendly and more legitimate. Usually they do not provide a Polish tutor, but the translation does.

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Surcharges in an age of inflation can dissuade many customers from the Netflix brand. Although the company invests heavily in content programming and wants to monetize it, in some cases mistakes can occur that lead to the bitterness of subscribers. The average Internet user uses two connections – home Wi-Fi and mobile Internet from a mobile phone. Some people own more than one apartment, others spend weekends in their hometown, for example, and weekdays in Warsaw. If after 14 days the algorithm detects that there are two houses and an additional fee will be charged, it may perceive this very negatively and disconnect from the platform.

Netflix has more than 220 million subscribers

Netflix has 220.67 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix’s subscriber growth was well above the 1 million projected three months ago. The platform returned to positive dynamics after the first quarter of this year. Net loss of 0.2 million customers, and in the second – 0.97 million.

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In the fourth quarter of this year. Netflix expects to gain 4.5 million net subscribers. Revenue is expected to decline from $7.78 billion to $7.71 billion year on year, operating margin from 8.2 to 4.2 percent, and net profit from $607 million to $163 million.

According to Mediapanel data, in September this year. Its website and mobile application were visited by 12.21 million Polish users. That’s 41.13 percent. All Internet users from the state. Each subscriber spent an average of 5 hours, 39 minutes and 38 seconds on the platform’s content.

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