July 28, 2021

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Energy from a nuclear power plant in Poland

Energy from a nuclear power plant in Poland

“ZE PAK is currently the only large private electricity generator in Poland and, as with state-owned enterprises, must undergo an urgent transformation process to move away from fossil fuels. ZE PAK was the first company in Poland to announce, above all, the implementation of a scheme outside of coal assets. and the closure of mines. And the blocks that are launched with the so-called dirty fuel. At the same time, they implement clean and green energy projects – biomass blocks, the construction of the largest solar farm in Poland or projects related to wind energy, and preparations for the implementation of projects related to nuclear energy “- announced in Statement.

“Within the framework of the above, several options are being considered, including investments outside Poland in cooperation with foreign partners. These options include projects in EU countries, talks with US companies, as well as the concept of taking over construction work already developed. Nuclear energy. There is no nuclear energy. Polish energy may not be practically sustainable. Renewable energy sources are able to provide a certain amount of energy, but a stable source of clean and cheap energy is a nuclear power plant “- emphasized

He also added, “ZE PAK is studying several options in this regard, including participating in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland from scratch, which is likely to take many years.” “Another option could be capital investment in foreign assets, and one of the options analyzed is a potential capital commitment with other reputable and experienced partners in a nuclear power plant already under construction in the Krułevik region. Polish capital could participate in investing in Nuclear power plant outside Poland. And only the possible control of the capital will mean the need to build a link with the Königsberg region “- it was reported.

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“It is the possibility of introducing energy into the Polish energy system generated from sources located outside Poland, but controlled by Polish capital and supervised by PSE SA. The prices of CO2 emissions rights are steadily rising, and standards for environmental protection have been tightened. Energy prices are soaring. In subsequent years – per Polish household and Polish companies.At the end of 2017, the price of energy on the wholesale market was PLN 164 per MWh, in 2018 – PLN 194, in 2019 – PLN 246, 2020 – PLN 253, And now it can reach more than PLN 400. So Poland should get clean and cheap electricity as soon as possible. Because a sharp increase in energy prices will directly affect the competitiveness of the Polish economy “- noted in the statement.

“Poland either imports, i.e. buys energy from foreign companies, or makes the necessary investments themselves, including assets located outside the country. The concept is only intended to complement government plans to develop and expand the energy sector, and not replace it. That with Poland’s demand for electricity of 165.5 TWh hour in 2020 and last year’s import of more than 13 TWh net, the potential share of energy provided by the Polish-controlled nuclear power plant in the Königsberg region, which is about 15 TWh per year could actually replace the current electricity imports prohibitive The price, which is made money by other countries and a number of international trade intermediaries. This, in turn, would help reduce wholesale electricity prices and thus would create more favorable conditions for the development of an energy-intensive industry than in our country today “- he added.

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“It is also worth noting that in 2020, almost 10 million tons of coal worth several billion zlotys were imported into Poland from Russia, which was then burned in Polish power plants and homes. Similarly, Poland imports gas and oil from the East. Fuel From Russia, the energy is clean and cheap, in addition, it comes from the power plant that will be jointly controlled by Poland, so it is one of the strategic options for the Polish energy sector.Billions of zlotys, including the import of electricity through third countries.Also a number of EU countries implement Large-scale economic projects with Russia, including in the field of energy ”- have drawn attention.

“The feasibility of the project is being analyzed, which may guarantee in the next few years a solution to the problem related to the economy’s dependence on coal, and therefore more and more costly energy. Moreover, it is a project that can only strengthen Poland’s position on the international scene – both towards partners and from it. It proves the strength of the Polish economy. Instead of being afraid of the activity of foreign companies in Poland, Polish companies together with professional partners are ready to expand into foreign markets, also those that until now seemed beyond the scope and possibilities of Poland “- it was emphasized.

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