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English Language Learning Apps – We selected the best with vocabulary and conversation apps for learning a foreign language

English Language Learning Apps - We selected the best with vocabulary and conversation apps for learning a foreign language

English learning app doesn’t have to be boring! Here are some unique tutorials to help you become fluent after just a few months of learning. From now on, lack of time will not be an excuse.

The Busuu English learning app is one of the most popular English learning apps. Thanks to its immense success due to the rich display, English is not the only language we can learn with its help – there are as many as 12 languages. It is a good choice for people who have divided attention or want to set ambitious goals and want to hone their skills in more than one language. The application focuses on learning new words and using them correctly. Numerous written exercises will also help you master the grammar. It also gives you the opportunity to plan your learning and set goals according to your own preferences. Push notifications are a great solution for all forgetful people who don’t remember playing sports.

Busuu’s creators have focused a lot on one of the app’s greatest advantages – not only is it completely free, but it also works without the internet. Thanks to this, we can benefit from every moment of our will to learn, even if we lose our network connection. Busuu gives you the opportunity to learn in so-called in the meantime, thanks to which we won’t even know when we speak English fluently.

An application to learn English with a focus on learning vocabulary? Memrise is the perfect choice for people who love to learn while having fun. What is going on? In the application, in addition to the standard word list, we can also find funny memes that speed up learning. Its creator is Ida Cook, Oxford graduate and author of Remember, Remember: Learn the Things You Think You Never Can. Memrise’s success relies on a combination of mnemonics to make our learning as effective as possible. The app has an algorithm that adjusts it according to your preferences and preferences.

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Memrise is also available in a premium version. After purchasing it, we gain access to videos with native speakers and detailed statistics that track our learning progress. However, if you choose not to subscribe, the basic version also contains many interesting options that will help you speed up the learning process.

Babbel English Learning app takes its name from a teaching method that has been specially developed to meet their needs. It consists of stress-free lessons that are conducted with the help of diverse and interesting topics inspired by everyday situations. What is especially important, you can choose both the elementary level and start learning from scratch, as well as select refine your English only in a specific field that interests you or directly related to your career aspirations. The application also has a speech recognition function, thanks to which you will correct possible audio errors. Thanks to the smart repetition method, the so-called spaced repetition, you will be able to repeat words from previous lessons at intervals that allow you to refresh and combine them. Babbel’s 2016 Effectiveness Study shows that up to 92% of Babbel users achieve language fluency after two months.

Duolingo is a language learning app designed like a game. It is sure to appeal not only to adults who love unusual solutions, but also to children who will absorb new skills through play. In the beginning, we defined our goal and what drives us to learn, for example work, school or travel. The sections are short and should take no more than 15 minutes a day. They all end with a quiz, after which we get a badge and go to the next level. Does it seem stimulating? All options of the app are available in its basic version, however, it is full of ads that you can get rid of by switching to the premium version. In addition to English, we can also learn French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Swahili and even Latin.

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Livango English Learning app is a course for beginners and intermediate learners. It consists of 50 lessons and is enriched with special games and tests that stimulate the learning of a new language and make it more effective. Livango relies on research that has proven that 1000 of the most frequently used words are sufficient to communicate in a foreign language communicatively. In addition to the most common words, we can also find flashcards that show examples to use in practice. In addition to that, the app also includes grammar exercises. We will be able to hear a tutor demonstrating how to pronounce the words correctly – each word has its own phoneme.

Livigno lets you enter more difficult words to learn later and allows you to quickly recall them. We have a dictionary at our disposal all the time. Additionally, it keeps detailed statistics about our learning progress. Best of all, the full version is completely free.

Rosetta Stone English learning app is a real treat for old and proven solution lovers. It launched 30 years ago, but has been systematically updated since then. In addition to the classic word combinations, we also find games that facilitate memorization, phoneme and reading of texts. Also a related project is the Rosetta Stone Phrasebook, which is a kind of dictionary phrasebook in which we can learn complete sentences, divided into eight different categories. Rosetta is also equipped with a voice recognition function, thanks to which the application can correct any errors in our pronunciation. Its great advantage is the complete lack of a Polish language version. The English language interface helps learning and makes us aware of the practical application of new skills.

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An application to learn English completely free? Tweeba comes to the rescue, which includes:

  • Flashcards with words and phrases in English;
  • Grammar exercises;
  • the exams.
  • English Dictionary, Tables & Cheat Sheets.

Topics covered while learning with the app are language fundamentals, phrases about school, work, business, travel, and specialized courses in narrow fields such as geology, physics, chemistry, and biology. There is also an option to choose an advanced lesson. All topics are categorized into lessons that ensure effective learning and encourage regularity. In addition to that, it is also possible to randomly arrange the words for learning. Every day we get a new word in the day, there is also the possibility of the words being read by the teacher. The big advantage of the app is the ability to use it without the internet. WiFi connection is required only when audio files are installed. It also has an interesting feature, that is, to hide the Polish translation at first, which allows you to focus more on learning and avoid browsing and downloading. It is also worth noting that Tweeba is an app launched by a Polish startup. Any comments regarding the operation of the application can be sent by e-mail.

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