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Ethiopia. Watch: Over 200 people killed in ethnic attack | world News

Ethiopia.  Watch: Over 200 people killed in ethnic attack |  world News

This week, Ethiopia witnessed bloody ethnic attacks. As reported by Ethiopia InsightAnd the army The Oromo Liberation Movement (OLA) and the Gambia Allied Liberation Front (GLF) attacked government targets early Tuesday morning in the regional capital Gambella. The OLA was also to launch raids on the Oromia towns. According to the Associated Press, The recent attacks were among the deadliest in modern history war The house is in Ethiopia.

– I counted 230 bodies. I fear this is the deadliest attack on civilians we have seen in our lifetime, Abdel Sayed Taher told The Associated Press. resident Gimbi, who barely managed to escape the attack. We bury them in mass graves. We are still collecting bodies. Now, units of the Federal Army have arrived, but we fear that the attacks will continue once the army is gone.

Another witness, Shamble – who was only named out of fear for his safety – said the local Amhara community is now desperate to move elsewhere “before another round of mass killings”. He added that the ethnic Amhara people who settled in the area about 30 years ago in resettlement programs are now being “slaughtered like chickens”.

According to Gamble’s Ethiopia Insight, there are still wounded corpses lying in the streets after the attacks. The site states that “hundreds of people have died in the two areas.”

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Ethiopia. More than 200 people died. The OLA refutes allegations that the attack was orchestrated

The two witnesses the Palestinian Authority spoke to blamed the OLA for the attacks. According to the agency, the regional government in Oromia is also blaming OLA, writing in a statement separatists They attacked “after they were unable to repel the operations initiated by the (government) security forces.” Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Office of Legal Affairs, Odeh Tarabieh, denied the allegations, saying that government forces were behind the attack and that OLA fighters “did not even reach the area when the attacks took place”.

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Ethiopia Insight writes that while the Office of Legal Affairs has been operating since 2018, the recent attacks appear to have been in response to the government’s renewed offensive, which began in Walk. According to the website, the rebels may have wanted to send a harsh message in response to the government’s recent allegations that their forces had recently been exhausted.

According to the service, “The main question now is whether Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his allies will try to conclude a truce with the Oromo Liberation Front, […] Or will they risk further escalation through intensified efforts to try to neutralize the nationalist Oromo rebels.”

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Ethiopia. The government has recognized the Oromo Liberation Army as a terrorist organization

Ethiopia experiences ethnic tensions in several regions, mostly for historical and political reasons. The Amhara people, the second largest ethnic group in Ethiopia’s more than 110 million citizens, are often the target of attacks in regions such as Oromia.

As reported by the Palestinian Authority, the ruling Ethiopian Human Rights Commission called on the federal government on Sunday to find a “durable solution” to killing civilians and protecting them from attacks.

The Oromo Liberation Army is a nationalist organization of the Oromo people. Its members are the military branch of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which reached an agreement with the government in 2018. However, the OLA group continues to fight the “regime”. The Ethiopian government considers it a terrorist organization. The goal of the organization is the independence of the Orom people.

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