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EU bans packaged chargers and forces Apple to use USB-C!

EU bans packaged chargers and forces Apple to use USB-C!

Will Apple finally have to insert a USB-C port into iPhones? This is indicated by the latest reports issued by the European Union. Lawmakers want to introduce a common standard for charging electronic devices. However, this is not the end of the surprises in the European Union.

Apple has been reluctant to introduce products to its devices for years USB Type CDespite the fact that it is currently the most used solution in smartphones around the world.

The Lightning connector is still in the latest, the flagship of the year that debuted this month — even while the Cupertino giant was already putting USB-C into its tablets. Is there an opportunity for change?

come in. An apple

The European Union is fighting Apple?

It turns out that the European Union is not satisfied with the actions of the American manufacturer. Already on Thursday, September 23, the European Commission will announce Legislative proposal on a common standard for charging electronic devices.

In this way, the European Union wants to force the Cupertino giant to make this important change – Apple will have until 2024 to adapt to the new rules. That will mean iPhone 16 It will appear for the first time with a USB-C port. However, Apple will undoubtedly try to avoid such a request.

Importantly, the new rules will also apply to cameras, headphones, tablets, and speakers.

An apple

come in. An apple

Environmental ban on chargers

Interestingly, the European Commission also wants to choose a solution that ManiaKom will not like. It is about the introduction Ban on connecting power adapters to smartphones These rules will come into force in the European Union in two years, in 2023.

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Well, you see, the European Commission is probably the only institution that Apple is convinced of This solution is all about the environment.

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