September 21, 2021

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Europe is like a castle.  Why are EU countries closing themselves off to refugees?  |  world News

Europe is like a castle. Why are EU countries closing themselves off to refugees? | world News

After the outbreak of war in Syria, thousands of refugees set out on the Balkan route through Hungary, among others to Austria and German. Europe had to deal with the biggest migration crisis since World War II. Today, when Afghanistan, which was controlled by the Taliban, was in a state of chaos and people wanted to flee the country, the issue of the influx of immigrants to Europe has returned. However, the situation is completely different.

Today, less tight borders are also responsible for the increased influx of refugees into Europe Biorosianwhich relate to the deliberate actions by Aleksandr Lukashenka in connection with the sanctions imposed by the European Union.

More countries are building hundreds of kilometers of concrete walls on their borders. Thousands of European Security Agency (ESA) officers assist Frontex with their escort. The European Union can no longer count on Turkey’s help, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened the European Union with blackmail and announced that his country will not become a “repository for European immigrants.”

Over the past six years, the attitude of countries that opened their borders in 2015.

Refugees are central to Germany’s election campaign

In 2015-2016, more than 1 million people came to Germany. This topic has long drawn social and political debates in Germany. Today, fearing increased support for right-wing parties, politicians are distancing themselves from Angela Merkel’s decision.

– We cannot repeat the mistakes of 2015 – These words are heard from the lips of the Christian Democratic candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet and other CDU/CSU politicians.

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“We can expect many Afghans to come to our country”

– The refugee issue is already the subject of the election campaign – he says in an interview with German wave Political scientist Klaus Stowe of the Catholic University of Eichstätt Ingolstadt. – When the number of refugees increases, which can probably be assumed, the situation will change. Political polarization will intensify.

– This could harm, first of all, the Christian democratic parties and lead to the loss of conservative right-wing voters to the AfD – believes Stowe. As the expert adds, no grouping wants to allow itself to lose support before the elections.

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For now, there is still an inter-party agreement in Germany that local Afghan auxiliaries who worked in the German army and German aid organizations must be helped quickly. But this is where the similarities end.

Macron: We must defend ourselves against the “big influx” of refugees

French President Emmanuel Macron, who plans to run for re-election next year, is also skeptical about accepting refugees. Last week he gave an interview in which he confirmed it France It must defend itself against the “great influx” of immigrants.

Left-wing groups and environmentalists accuse the French president of “bringing shame” on his words about refugees. However, most politicians support Macron’s words, believing that the public is tired and worried about mass immigration. And they stress that it is the duty of the authorities to limit the right of asylum to Afghans only to people who are actually and directly under the threat of the Taliban, according to the site.

Usnars Journey. Border Patrol opened the siren. ‘They are suffocating us’

The speaker took the floor on Wednesday rz ± du Gabriel Attal, who confirmed that France “will receive several thousand Afghans.” In his speech, he criticized the “political exploitation of the president’s words”, but stressed that France must protect itself from illegal immigration. He stressed that these matters should be regulated at the European and international levels.

Greece. A 40-kilometer-long wall on the border to stop refugees

In 2015, Greece faced a massive influx of migrants from the Middle East. Many refugees in Greece have moved north, but about 60,000. of them remained in the country. This time, the authorities decided to build a wall to make it more difficult for migrants to reach Greece.

He said that a 40-kilometer-long wall has been built along the border between Greece and Turkey CNN.

“The Afghan crisis creates new problems in the geopolitical sphere, and at the same time creates a risk of an increase in refugee migration” – wrote Michalis Chrysoyeds in a statement informing about the completion of the border wall. He added that Greece “cannot remain inactive in the face of the possible consequences.”

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Chrysochoides stressed that “we cannot passively wait for the possible consequences of the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan”, thus arguing for the need to erect a wall on the border with Turkey.

Turkey’s president: Our country will not become a “repository for European immigrants”

BBC It was announced that a conversation had already taken place between Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. leading Mitsotakis said the sharp increase in the number of people leaving Afghanistan could pose a “serious challenge for everyone”.

As mentioned by the portal euronews.comErdogan again called on the European Union to help refugees from Afghanistan. – If it is not possible to establish a transitional period in Afghanistan, the pressure on immigration, which has already reached a high level, will increase even more and this situation will be a serious challenge for everyone – summed up the politician. He also declared that his country would not become a “repository for European immigrants” as there was no such obligation. In the end, he added, he would not hesitate to blackmail the European Union.

Joint statement on the situation on the border with Belarusborder with Belarus. Statement by the Prime Ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland

The president emphasized that Turkey currently has 5 million foreigners, including 3.6 million Syrians who fled the civil war in their country, and 300,000. Afghans. Accordingly, he announced a “permanent halt to immigration”.

The government decided to speed up work on the construction of a new wall, 243 km long, on the border with Iran. Already 156 km of construction has been built to contain the flow of migrants and border patrols have been reinforced.

Another migration crisis? The European Union is under siege

In 2015, the union resolved the migration crisis thanks to an agreement with Turkey. This time, it is clear from the declaration of the president of this country that such a scenario is out of the question. Countries that announced the opening of their borders at the time are very conservative today. According to experts, the only solution for the EU is to try to detain more refugees – in countries neighboring Afghanistan – he says Denise Gazeta Browna.

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According to Angela Merkel, the refugees set off for Europe in 2015 due to the cutting off of support for countries neighboring Syria. The situation in the migrant camps was very difficult, which led to the start of migration to the countries of the European Union – according to the analyzes of the British “Watchman”. This time, Europe can provide support to Afghanistan’s neighbors to deal with the influx of refugees.

Migrants at the Polish-Belarus border in Osnaz Gornji (August 19, 2021)Usnars Journey. Border guards: There are 24 people on the Belarusian side

The situation is further complicated by the fact that, given the difficult situation in Afghanistan, the European Union will not be able to return the Afghans on its territory to the country. And so she found herself in a trap – says the portal

Poland will be called the first place of residence for refugees?

The first country to deal with the influx of refugees was Lithuania. The government of Ingrida Simonet announced that it intends to build a fence on the Belarusian border for 152 million euros. In July alone, 3,000 people arrived in Lithuania. immigrants.

Writes “Dzienic Gazzetta Browna“If the pressure of migrants at the Polish border turns out to be prolonged and significant, Poland will join the group of EU member states, the first to remain.

Under European law, Poland will then be obligated to consider applications for refugee status. Under the Dublin Regulation, other countries can return an immigrant to the country where he or she first resided in the EU.

“That is why the amendment of the Dublin Regulation was supposed to be the basis for immigration policy reform. This would remove obligations from the countries of first residence. Poland opposed such a change” – the newspaper wrote.