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Eurovision will not be held in Ukraine. There is an EBU statement! :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Eurovision will not be held in Ukraine.  There is an EBU statement!  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

On Saturday, May 14, the finals of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, won by Ukraine, were held in Turin. They said they will organize Eurovision next year. The European Union for Public Broadcasting will decide on this. Unfortunately, Ukraine can not be the host country.

Saturday 14 May in Turin The 66th Eurovision Song Contest was held. It was attended by actors 25 countries Poland representative Christian OchmannFrom the song “River” It ranked twelfth. came first Ukraine, Represented by formation musicians Kallush Orchestra. according to tradition, The organizer of the competition is the country that won last year. Ukraine wants to live up to the task and Expresses their desire to organize an event in their country. today EBU issued a statement, In it she informed of her decision to organize the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ukraine will not organize the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

EBU . experts They made a comprehensive analysis of the concept of Eurovision regulation in Ukraine. They published their verdict in Today’s statement (06/17/2022). They figured it out The Ukrainian broadcaster is unable to guarantee the safety of the event participants, and the organization and production of the competition is impossible. The European Broadcasting Union warmly thanked and affirmed your commitment and cooperation I will continue their support for the Ukrainian broadcaster.

Who will organize the Eurovision Song Contest?

At the same time, the European Broadcasting Union announced that According to the rules, if the winning country cannot organize a competition, that opportunity passes to the country that came second. According to this, The European Broadcasting Union has begun talks to organize the 67th Eurovision Song Contest with the BBC. It seems Eurovision 2023 will be held in Great Britain.

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The full text of the EBU statement can be read below:

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in May, the European Broadcasting Union explored the possibility of organizing next year’s competition with Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC, which previously hosted events in 2017 and 2005.

It has become a well-known tradition that the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest organizes the competition the following year, provided certain criteria are met, including ensuring the continuity of the event and the safety of all involved, including the public.

Given the ongoing war since the Russian invasion of the victorious country this year, the European Broadcasting Union took the time to fully assess the feasibility of hosting the event in Ukraine. American University Specialists: The PBC and third parties participated in the analysis. Safety and security issues were raised.

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most complex television productions in the world, with thousands of people working and participating in an event that takes 12 months to organize.

After an objective analysis of the ESC Board of Directors, we deeply regret that, in the current circumstances, the security guarantee required by the broadcaster for the organization and production of the Eurovision Song Contest cannot be provided in accordance with ESC regulations.

The European Broadcasting Union thanks UA:PBC for their sincere cooperation and commitment to researching all scenarios since the Kaloch Orchestra’s May 14 victory in Turin. We share our sadness and disappointment that next year’s competition cannot be held in Ukraine.

The European Broadcasting Union has supported the African Union: Peacebuilding Commission in many different areas since its conquest. We will ensure that this support continues so that the African Union: Peacebuilding Commission can maintain the essential services it provides to Ukrainians.

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As a result of this decision, in line with the rules and in order to ensure the continuity of the event, the European Broadcasting Union will now begin talks with the BBC, the general name of Great Britain, and this year’s runner-up. He is a potential host for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

Our intention is that Ukraine’s victory will be reflected in next year’s performances. This will be a priority for us in our discussions with potential hosts.

Eurovision winners have sold out their prizes. why?

Ukraine wins the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. During the event, the Kalush Orchestra raised the topic of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Now they’ve gone one step further and sold the crystal microphone. with you? What was the money spent on?

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