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Everything for newborns – this team saves their health and lives

medycy_oddział patologii noworodka


Compiled by Andre Poppin

The author: District Hospital in Bielsko Biaa

3783 births. Every tenth of them is a child weighing less than a kilogram. Without the help of pediatricians and neonatologists, most of them would not survive. 3783 newborns – This is the number of newborns saved in the twenty years of operation of the Department of Neonatology at the County Hospital of Bielsko Biaa.

About the fact that there is a branch Upper class It attests, inter alia, the third higher degree of reflexivity. This rating is given to units that employ the best professionals using the most modern equipment possible. Three years ago I invested in renovating the department and equipping it with the latest equipment 11 million PLN. After this update, it is 20 standing here 8 – for intensive care, 6 – for continuous care and the same for indirect care. All positions allow 100% control Newborn vital functions. The department contains modern, open and closed incubators, respirators and non-surgical respiratory support devices. Diagnostic equipment enables diagnosis Next to the cribAnd, most often an incubator, a small patient.

Help is provided here during approximately one year. 220 Young children. These are sons so heavy Diseases, including very immature premature babies. Statistics show that 10 percent. Of these young patients weigh Less than 1000g. Another 10 percent. Weighing between 1000g and 1500g, the most group of patients are children whose weights range between 1500 and 2500g, 45-50 percent, and the group weighing more than 2500g represents 30-35 percent. Children in our treatment – Dr. Danuta room, Head of the department of neonatology at the county hospital.

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The specialist confirms that the weight of the children at birth reaches 1500 grams It requires intensive careAnd the most committed. For a few years it does not arrive Such patients, prof Even it diminishes The number of these children, which proves the improvement of maternity care in Poland. – There are fewer cases Children with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia, the number of newborns with retinopathy does not increase prematurely. We also notice that They are less common In young children severe damage to the central nervous system – reports Dr. Zimmer. Good equipment, Wonderful medical staff Having mothers of newborns (the “mother and child” system) with whom they are in contact makes it time for the children to stay here As short as possible. After leaving the home, the newborn is referred to the hospital’s neonatal clinic, where he is still there Care b Neonatologists.

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