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Ewa Błaszczyk is going through hard times. He’s in mourning, but he can count on a loved one

Ewa Błaszczyk is going through hard times.  He's in mourning, but he can count on a loved one
  • In recent years, Ewa Pushachik took care not only of her daughter, but also of her sick mother, who stayed in the hospital, but, despite the help of doctors, recently passed away
  • According to one of the weekly magazines, the actress endures severe mourning, but she can count on the support of daughter Mariana.
  • The actress has faced tragedies in the past. In 2000, she lost her husband, and a few months later her daughter Ola choked on the contraceptive pill and fell into a coma, which she remains to this day.
  • Błaszczyk not only fights to wake the child, but also wants to help others, which is why she founded a foundation and a clinic
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Ewa Blaschek He has to face another blow of fate. And the actress is still caring for her still comatose daughter Ola, and until recently she was caring for her sick mother. She did not hide that she had to divide her time into two people close to her. The portal in July 2020, referring to the “Live” weekly, quoted the actress, who revealed what she was like at that time.

I have two hospitals. One is where Ola is, the other is in Mokotów, with my mother I take care of.

Taking care of her 89-year-old daughter and mother during the pandemic hasn’t been easy, but the actress could count on the support of her daughter, Mariana.

We decided that during the most difficult months of the pandemic, only one of us would visit Ola and her grandmother. I am trying to comfort my mother in the institution. It came out very normally. I’ve been here for years, accompanying my mother to work

The daughter of the actress admitted.

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The rest of the article is below the video:

According to the latest reports from the weekly, doctors were unable to help Ewa Boshasek’s mother and the older woman died after a serious illness. “Revue” source claims it an actressAlthough she knew that her mother was ill, she was not ready to say goodbye. The informant adds that the actress finds it difficult to bear mourning.

She will have to face the past in her mother’s apartment. There are plenty of family photos and mementos that remind us of the wonderful years of her childhood, adolescence and youth

The detective quotes “Rewia”.

Apparently, Ewa Boshachik, in a difficult moment, could count on the help of her daughter Mariana, with whom she took care of the second daughter of the actress and her mother, but also oversaw the construction of the clinic and the management of the institution created by the actress, which deals with the systematic solution of problems for people in a coma.

“In recent months, Iowa has struggled to build another clinic and run an institution »Akugo?«Taking care of Ola and taking care of her mother. Her daughter Mariana helps a lot. Thanks to it, it will now be easier to face the memories and organize the apartment of your beloved mother ” magazine informant says.

Ewa Błaszczyk with her daughter Mariana in 2017 – Mariusz Grzelak / REPORTER / East News

The death of her mother is another tragedy in the life of Ewa Pushastik. In 2000, the actress lost her husband, Jacek Janczarski, a writer, playwright, satirist and screenwriter. The couple met on the set of the film “Wigilia 81”, which was produced for Polish television. They were both in a relationship at the time – she’s with the director Jacek Bromskyand he is with actress Barbara Wrzesińska, with whom he has a son, Boris. A year later, Jacek Janczarski, who was in the process of divorce, contacted Iowa Błaszczyk with an offer to meet. A week after the meeting, they went to the movie “State of the Interior” shot in Tri-City and decided that they wanted to share the future together. They married in December 1986. Eight years later, they had two twin daughters: Mariana and Alexandra.

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Their family life was interrupted by the death of Jacek Janczarski. The screenwriter was rushed to the hospital after he fainted and doctors diagnosed an aneurysm and aortic dissection. It required a complex process. Unfortunately, he did not regain consciousness after that. He died on February 2, 2000.

Jacek Janczarski and Ewa Pasacek in 1996.Jacek Janczarski and Ewa Błaszczyk in 1996 – Żyburtowicz / AKPA

A few months later, Ewa Pushachik faced another tragedy. Her daughter Ola choked on the pill, which caused her brain to swell and, accordingly, a coma that persists to this day. Since then, the actress has been fighting to wake her daughter.

In 2002, she and her friend Wojciech Drozdowicz founded the Akogo? , which works for children who need rehabilitation after serious neurological injuries and their families. Ten years later, on the initiative of the actress, a neurological rehabilitation clinic “Alarm Clock” was built in the Children’s Health Center for children with severe brain injuries.

In 2017, the department “Adult Alarm” for therapeutic rehabilitation was created, which operates at the Teaching University Hospital in Olsztyn, and is currently working on the construction of an adult clinic also in Warsaw.

Ewa Błaszczyk at the groundbreaking ceremony for the adult alarm clock clinicEwa Błaszczyk at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Budzik Adult Clinic – East News / Piotr Molęcki / East News

source: “Rewia”,,

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