July 27, 2021

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Ewa Kasperzyk got married?  An eloquent comment from the actress

Ewa Kasperzyk got married? An eloquent comment from the actress

  • Ewa Kasperzyk has been engaged to Michai Kozyrski for two years
  • The actress got engaged to her boyfriend while on vacation in Greece some time ago
  • However, the colorful press is constantly talking about the actress’s wedding
  • The ‘Kugla Mugla’ star commented on the tabloid reports. Cut off the speculation?
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Ewa Kasperzyk Some time ago she decided to close another chapter in her life. The actress divorced after 36 years of marriage to Jerzy Bernatowicz They were tied up with another man. Her lover, Mickey Kozyrskywith a movie stargoogle muggle“Participate, among other things, in the program”strong couple“.

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For some time now they have been flooding the color press Rumors of Ewa Kasperczyk’s wedding rerun. How much truth is there in them?

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Ewa Kasperzyk got married? “I do not confirm, I do not deny”

According to a colorful weekly, 64-year-old Ewa Kasperzyk has married her fiancé, who is eight years her junior. The wedding was scheduled to take place in Africa. to To dispel doubts, the Fact newspaper personally contacted the actress. However, the artist’s performance on the stage of Qawadrat Theater only fueled rumors.

The editorial office called Ewa Kasprzyk to find out what it feels like to be a newly-made wife. Fikt admitted that the artist accepted the congratulations for changing the marital status, and commented on the media reports by saying:

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Ewa Kasperzyk comments on Instagram rumors of her wedding زفاف

Ewa Kasperzyk loves to flirt with the media and fan rumors around her. right Now The star saw a funny mistake in one of the articles about her alleged wedding and decided to comment on it. A reporter misspelled her fiancé’s name.

I found out from the tabloids After my engagement in Greece with Michao, in June I married Marcin in South Africa. And how do you not like journalists! – Ewa Kasperzyk wrote, bursting with humor on Instagram.

Ewa Kasprzyk and Michał Kozerski – Relationship History

Ewa Kasperzyk and Michai Kozyrsky met about two years ago. Only at the beginning of this year it appeared that in 2019 the actress ended her marriage to Jerzy Bernatowicz, which lasted 36 years. It was the star who filed the divorce papers and the couple secretly parted.

Photo: Podsiebierska / AKPA

Ewa Kasprzyk with ex-husband Jerzy Bernatowicz

The new choice of the 64-year-old was Michai Kozyrskiwith whom woman She got engaged while on vacation in Greece. The darling of the stars, he works as a marine broker and provides services to owners of ships flying foreign flags. Not so long ago, they both participated, among others, in the program “strong coupleHow does Ewa Kasprzyk remember her first meeting with her lover?

We met two years ago on the Motuwa River and it was a Sicilian lightning. However, we told ourselves that We don’t want to build any new relationshipsWe focus on fun. You see, it didn’t work– She said a while ago in an interview with “Roya”.

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Photo: https://dziendobry.tvn.pl

Married Ewa Kasperzyk and Michai Kozersky?

Then the popular actress admitted it He’s even planning a weird wedding. At the time, this was not possible due to many epidemiological restrictions. In one interview, Ewa Kasperzyk mentioned her engagement with Michai Kozyrski:

Perhaps this time the lovers pressed the last button and stood on the wedding carpet, which the press was so eager to talk about. We will likely learn everything soon, from the interested parties themselves. We just need to listen to the news of a happy couple in love.

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