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Ewa Koklinska was married twice. The final match was tragic

Ewa Koklinska was married twice.  The final match was tragic

This year marks forty-five years since the debut Ewa Koklinska In the program “Very Good Evening” commissioned by TVP.

“I was the country’s first dancer. However, the period of my fitness for the profession and in the best form came when there were no good performances for me. I expected great roles, I fell of age …” – she admitted in an interview with “Gala”.

The retired star from the Serena Theater in Warsaw – although she is over 70 – is still professionally active and in excellent shape.

“I managed to avoid more serious diseases, take care of myself, I feel good in my profession. I only regret that I did not meet a prince from a fairy tale and did not have the opportunity to become a mother” – she admitted a few years ago Dorothy Wellman.

Ewa Koklinska I got married three times. She was only twenty years old when she lost her mind – she remembers it – to a very handsome architect from Paris, who already had a wife. When she found out on her honeymoon that she had two wives, she wanted to take her own life.

“I took some Russian sleeping pills. I woke up in the hospital … I was revived all night. I lay for a few days facing the wall, without saying a word to anyone” – she recalled in “Empire of Women.”

Ewa Kuklińska’s first marriage was annulled. The actress paid for it with a nervous breakdown. She tried to heal a broken heart along with a married man who also broke her heart by emigrating from the country before martial law was imposed. She was about to join him, but instead of her, he brought his wife to him …

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Then friends Iwa Koklinska met with a rich professor of economics, and he immediately offered her a wedding. She decides that since she can’t be with the man she loves, she will bond with the man she respects for his intelligence.

The second husband almost drove her crazy, because it turned out to be a boxer.

“He just hit me, so I divorced him,” she said in an interview with Empire of Women.

Soon after the divorce, Ewa Koklinska met a charming Dutchman and married again. It turns out that the “sage of the magician”, as she saw him at the beginning of the relationship, is an alcoholic ready to kill for a bottle of vodka.

“This guy chased after me. And drank everything I earned. He wanted to kill me! I was awake, afraid for my life. Finally, I mustered all my strength and pushed him out. I never saw him again. My marriage happened” – she recalled in the ‘Gala.’

When beloved Ewa Koklinska returned to Poland years ago, she opened her heart to him for the second time and allowed him into her life. Only when they broke up – these are her words – “after twelve years of secret work and conspiracy,” it became clear that her partner was a famous actor. From Thomas Stockinger To stay friends. Although they weren’t destined to live together, they make an excellent duo…

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“I was drawn into lame relationships. I patiently arrange them, until I came to the conclusion that I could still do anything. I attract the wrong men” – captivated actress Anna Morawska in the book “Faces of Depression.”

Ewa Kuklińska does not hide the fact that the men with whom she has been associated know very well what depressed moods are long-term, suicidal thoughts, nervous breakdowns, mental discomfort, sadness and feelings of hopelessness.

Ewa Koklinska’s greatest unfulfilled dream is to have a baby. The actress says that a child is a very sensitive point in her life…

“Because I can’t be a mother. I didn’t succeed in motherhood despite many efforts and treatments. When I was young, it was good for me that there were no consequences for youthful bloating. Then I started waiting to look up. I did dozens of tests. I even had moments of pregnancy.” I wanted to have at least two children, ”- she admitted in an interview with Dorota Wellman.

“I had a miscarriage. I had a bleed. If they hadn’t had the operation the same night, I might have been dead,” she told Ghali.

The actress thought about adoption several times, but could not adopt a child for official reasons. “No court will grant me that, because I feel lonely. I was also not 100% sure that I would be able to love a foreign child like my own” – she explained in an interview with “Gala”.

Today, Ewa Koklinska is alone, and although she sometimes feels wronged by fate, she can enjoy being alone.

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“I’ve learned to move on with my solitary life,” he says. “I don’t remember what it’s like to be with someone on a daily basis.”

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