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Ewa Zouada got married! The famous Tiktokirka is pleased with a stunning dress (photos)

Ewa Zouada got married!  The famous Tiktokirka is pleased with a stunning dress (photos)

Some time ago, one of the most popular tiktokers users in Poland was convinced that she is gay. Meanwhile, Ewa Zawada on Wednesday stood on the wedding carpet with her beloved Robert. See what a grandiose party looked like.

a month later The famous Andziaks wedding Another influencer who cemented her relationship. Ewa Zouadawhose profile on TikTok is followed by up to 6 million people, was famous for her confession before meeting her current fiancé “She was convinced that she would spend her whole life with a woman.”

Exactly a year later Obstruction Accepting an offer from her beloved Robert, the couple changed their marital status in the presence of their family and loved ones. Unlike Angelika Zając, “Dobra Phaza” (because that’s her nickname) didn’t invite a crowd of famous friends to the party, and even if, She did not flaunt it on Instagram. However, she did not fail to report on the preparations for her “big day”.

When Iowa became a “god”, the influencer drank a few glasses of wine “for courage” and went to the altar. The 24-year-old was wearing Stunning off the shoulder lace dressWhich confirmed her slim waist. The bride’s hair is arranged in delicate waves.

See the pictures of Ewa Zawada’s wedding:

The fans???? Wow… who is this… the slogan you’re promoting 🤯🤯🤯…

Why write about her if no one knows her and no one cares about her private life.

You will betray him anyway, and it will be rainbow betrayal

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I do not know you. It’s scary to expose your private life. Sometimes just a good “talk” is enough to become a star, talking about what saliva will bring on the tongue. He doubts whether he prefers women or men.. In a moment, she gets married. Perhaps after a while this poor man will leave because he will find that he prefers women. Well, there will be publicity again and the fun run continues. What a stupid time 😂

A beautiful dress is finally something classic and beautiful, and it’s not those off-the-shoulder dresses that make the wedding a print

These people are hurting the LGBT community

Angelina Jolie’s daughter also wanted to be a child for a long time and now she is proud that she is a beautiful woman and wears dresses …

Later, they are surprised that Kaczynski says that he should be dealt with as everyone changes their minds

And who is she to write about her XD? I beg you… “marks” fake and I hold on to the camera. the collapse of society.

plural ??? For Jesus, the world ends

I don’t know, I don’t want to know. The world goes to dogs…

lathe tec??? Poodles hold your own.

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