October 21, 2021

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Ewelina Lisowska is on vacation in heaven.  She is wearing a white bikini.  "Petard"

Ewelina Lisowska is on vacation in heaven. She is wearing a white bikini. “Petard”

Olena Lisowska was staying in Holiday in Croatia. However, the singer did not take a break from social media, and to the delight of fans, she constantly informs them about her happy rest. The attention of netizens was not drawn to the beautiful Croatian landscape, but to the photos of the star in a bikini.

Ewelina Lisowska is confident: This is what a woman’s body looks like

Ewelina Lisowska participated in the show some time ago”Boyar Castle Poland “has now decided to rest and recharge her energy outside Poland, the singer is now on the Croatian island of Rap.

Ewelina Lisowska frankly admitted some time ago that she went through a period in her life when she struggled a lot for the “perfect figure”. She stressed that this cost her a lot of sacrifices and effort. However, she recently decided to accept and enjoy her body regardless of size. Now there is no hesitation in appearing in a bikini.

Even though the body has gained a few extra pounds, my head feels lighter. This is what a woman’s body looks like. Do we all need packs of six to be fulfilled? I would be happier with six boxes of cake ”- Ewelina Lisowska wrote on Instagram in April of this year.

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The singer shared holiday photos with fans on Instagram, where we can see what she looks like right now. Fans who could not shake off their admiration showered the singer with compliments.

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– These are just some of the comments of jubilant netizens.

Elena Lisowska – who is she?

Ewelina Lisowska is 30 years old. She is a singer, songwriter and composer. she has Four solo albums to his credit. Her participation in one of the issues of the talent show brought her fame.x factor”, which was broadcast by TVN (in 2012). She did not win, but her career was gaining momentum. The singer released her last album in 2018. Since then, she has withdrawn from public life and focused on private life.

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