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Exciting debut in the Polish national team to compete in Wisła. PZN employees announced

Exciting debut in the Polish national team to compete in Wisła.  PZN employees announced

On Wednesday afternoon, the Polish Ski Association announced on its Twitter account the formation of the Polish national team for the World Cup in Wisła (3-5 December). It will be played in Adam Malysz (HS134). Up to thirteen Poles will start qualifying on Friday.

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Kuusamo, same thing again? “Friendship with the wind is difficult”

Adam Meais does not hide his anger at the beginning of the season. “They’re jumping and we’re gone.”

An exciting debut in the Polish squad

The following people will compete for the right to participate in the singles competition on Sunday: Stefan Hula, Mass Kotyaroslav krzak, Daoud Kobaki, Clemens Morica, Tomasz Pelch, Andrei Stuka, full stoushand Pawe Wąsek, Jakub Wolny, Aleksander Zniszczoł, Piotr Żyła and Jean Habdas. The latter is a junior and will celebrate his 18th birthday on Thursday. At this year’s Polish Championships, he finished sixth on the middle bar, ahead of the three-time Olympic gold medalist – full stoush.

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– A few years ago he was greeted with a lot of hope, and he himself spoke of the dream of performing at the Olympic Games, but now Michel Doualel himself does not bite his tongue when asked about his World Cup debut. – He seems mentally ready – the Czech coach assessed the Polish team. Poland has never seen such a beautiful location for the bobsleigh jump and has used the trip splendidly among its youth for a long time – writes Jakub Balciersky, journalist at

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He will be able to show his abilities already in Friday’s training (15.45) and qualifying (18.00). On Saturday (4:30 pm) there will be a group competition and on Sunday there will be an individual competition (4:00 pm). Of course the competition will be held if the weather does not prevent it. The weather forecast for the coming weekend is not optimistic. On Saturday, when the first team competition of the season takes place, it will sprint at 9 m/s. It should only get a little better on Sunday. Forecast 7 m/s.

Piotr ŻyłaPiotr Żyła fulfilled his promise. He got into the water and started screaming

On Sunday in Kuusamo, the Polish jumpers scored their worst performance of the season at the World Cup. All three previous competitions did not really work out for them. But the latter was a huge disappointment. They have only progressed to the second series Jacob Woolney and Piotr Żyła. These two players scored only twelve points for Poland in the Nations Cup classification (8 free points for 23rd place, Żya 4 points for 27th place).

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