October 19, 2021

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Exhausted Julia Winiawa in a straight '70s style seduces effective lips at a party (photos)

Exhausted Julia Winiawa in a straight ’70s style seduces effective lips at a party (photos)

In fact, since the beginning of my career Julia Winyawa It operates at full speed, brilliantly attracting media attention and taking advantage of the attention around it. Through the already popular podcast, in which the actress raised the pressure in half of Poland, Julka achieved her goal and made Everyone was talking about her.

In an honest conversation with ┼╗urnalista Wieniawa She revealed that she has changed drastically over the years. Her appearance has also undergone a major transformation, the 22-year-old recently said in a video posted on TikTok. Using pictures from the walls from the beginning of her career, she stated that years ago it looked a little different than it does today, which was associated with untreated thyroid disease and its complexes at the time. Vienna also confirmed this Never used the benefits of aesthetic medicineHe is credited with switching only to the right medications and a healthy lifestyle.

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In response to the difficulties of the past days, the actress decided to go with her beloved to the Levis brand event, which was organized in Ruchenka Folwark near Warsaw. An extensive account of the event featured on her instagram profile, as well as a professional session in the barn. For that day, Julia opted for a ’70s-inspired look: a faux fur collar denim jacket, white bells, light ankle boots, and a Prada bag. It also attracted her attention Made with dark lipstick, plentiful lips.


You look so beautiful, so different…


Do you also see any change in it?

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