October 23, 2021

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Expert: Vaccination is free!  A 51-year-old can take a third dose.  49 years with diabetes - no

Expert: Vaccination is free! A 51-year-old can take a third dose. 49 years with diabetes – no

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with the end boiling Registration for the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has begun for all people over 50 years of age. The preparation can also be used by medical personnel.

The epidemic is getting worse. Expert: I can’t understand the government’s decisions

However, recent epidemiological data show that the number of patients is increasing rapidly. On Thursday, the Ministry of Health reported 3,000 cases. There is no such data in Poland since May. Bartosz Fiałek, doctor, specialist in rheumatology and head of the Kojawsko-Pomorsky District of the National Medical Union, in an interview with next.gazeta.pl, said that the government must respond.

– I can’t understand the government’s decision. A healthy person over the age of 50 can take the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. But he said a 49-year-old with high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity can’t. – This is a completely wrong approach. The expert added that vaccinations should be released to people with serious risk factors.

Doctor: The third dose should be determined according to the clinical condition, not age

According to the doctor, the potential danger of a severe course of infection with the Coronavirus speaks of the release of vaccines. – Not the age but the clinical condition of the patient, and the diseases he has that may affect the acute course of COVID-19, should determine the possibility of taking the third dose – he says. The risk of death for a younger patient is v Issue He added that obesity and diabetes are much greater than the elderly.

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Gives an example of obese people. – It cannot be said that these people have a pre-existing immune problem, but the risk of death is higher for them. As, for example, in people with heart disease. They must be included in vaccinations, because the points are anyway empty – said the interviewer Gazeta.pl.

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Poles can take the third dose. But they don’t really want that

outlet Zdrowie.gazeta.pl It indicates that in Poland more than two million people can be vaccinated with the third dose against COVID-19. “In the meantime, the checkpoints are empty. If someone expects to raid the vaccination sites, they are sure to be disappointed. Although many are already closed, others do not operate every day, and the entry hours have been shortened, you can make the appointment between Overnight for those who work without any problems, sometimes even in a few hours. There are vaccines, suitable conditions, staff, and there are not only patients “- he notes.

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