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Experts highlight the importance of using faith during epidemics – Wirtz

The restrictions imposed on the community by the new corona virus epidemic have raised debates about what is essential and what can be closed in the difficult stages of social isolation. This Monday (5) the Minister of the Supreme Court (Supreme Federal Court) Kilmer banned the holding of services, people and other religious ceremonies With a public presence in Sao Paulo, Contrary to what his colleague Nunes Marks decided on Saturday.

For many professionals working in health and personal development, faith and spirituality are important in times of pain and social uncertainty. Therefore, it is their opinion that it is necessary at this time to keep churches and temples open.

“Religion has played an important role for centuries, keeping temples and churches open, keeping people excited and happy, and closing churches away from the people,” said Felipe Neri, a graduate professor at the Faculty of Law in Santo. President of the Torrepio de Mongrovejo Catholic University in Lima, Peru and Sophia Perennis.

“I believe that the attack on the faith during epidemics is enormous, and for me it is clear that churches, in general, have always played a fundamental role in these moments of epidemics and epidemics in human history,” he concludes.

In opening religious spaces, Felipe did not reject science, on the contrary. “People unite the two, cause and belief. They are not enemies, they will never be. Faith and reason are united,” he believes. He asks: “What is the difference between sitting in a temple and watching a service and sitting at a restaurant table?”

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“The hardest thing for believers is to go to church, to the temple, to seek comfort and consolation. Your cousin is in the hospital, you can’t see him, he can’t look after the dead, he’s still lagging behind in finding shelter in a religious place. It doesn’t help anyone,” Felipe says.

Hope first

Psychiatrist Davy Vidigal, who has more than 30 years of experience in the office, agrees with the faculty. Davy believes religious places are essential for maintaining faith and welcoming people, especially those who have suffered casualties or are afraid of Govt-19.

“I think churches, in general, have to keep their doors open 24 hours a day. A religious figure gets people there, welcomes them, and gives a medicine to the soul,” he says.

The psychiatrist a few years ago, devoted himself to research across the country. In one of them, he interviewed more than 1,200 people with a simple question: ‘What makes you happy?’. The answer, hope came first, says the doctor.

Davy says this spontaneous response confirms his focus on decades of consultation. “With my patients, I was able to clearly see the progress of those with faith and strong spirituality, no matter what religion they follow,” he says. “In general, they had higher adhesion and better recovery in treatment.”

The temples are open but not crowded

According to obstetrician and gynecologist Julia Barbie Melim Marx, having faith can make a difference in people’s lives. “We already have articles and scientific research that demonstrate the importance of faith in improving patients and preventing depression,” he says.

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Therefore, Julia believes that it is very important that religious places be re-opened with all due care in order to get a smaller number of people, without encouraging mobilization, depending on social distance. “If we compare it to a restaurant, for example, even with restrictions, people are very close and take off their masks to eat. It doesn’t happen in a church,” he says.

“If there is an open temple, a church, that person can set a time to go there in a week that will have a lot of impact on emotional health and deal with infection,” Julia defends.

David agrees with the doctor, saying that just as we humans need to seek healthy food for the body, we must also seek food for the soul. That is why Davey argues that churches and temples are essential services, such as “markets, pharmacies, gas stations and restaurants are reduced.”

“If man loses the confidence that is deeply attached to hope, the negative impact of the epidemic will be huge. True hope frees up, makes people go to fights and take a stand, go after changes in habits, resource doctors,” he believes.

“This epidemic will pass as you have already done, others will come, the world is not over. Hope clarifies us and helps us better cope with everything we go through,” Davy concludes.

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