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Extracurricular activities are meant to teach, but also to be fun

Extracurricular activities are meant to teach, but also to be fun

Sports clubs, music and art clubs, or maybe additional lessons in sciences and foreign languages? Offers from private institutions or schools? There are many proposals for extracurricular activities. Which one do you choose? What should be considered when choosing?

Extracurricular activities are essential for many students and their parents. Some allow you to develop your passion, others allow you to expand your knowledge. A wide and varied offer is offered by many private institutions, but also schools, which often run groups and clubs in their institutions related to the interests of children. Then what do you choose?

Of the additional lessons willingly chosen are those of a mathematical nature. The youngest of them can benefit from various public development activities. Their goal is to support and stimulate psychomotor development through exercise. As a result, children develop better, acquire new skills and learn to cooperate.

Older children and teens can attend courses in selected team and individual sports. The most popular are, among others, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, martial arts, dance, gymnastics or athletics. There are also people willing to learn golf, swim or ride horses.

– If the child begins his adventure in sports, regardless of discipline, the most important thing is that he feels good about it and wants to go to training. Particular attention should also be paid to the competencies of the staff – advises Grzegorz Wichniarek, coach from the “Wichniarek” youth football nursery.

As the coach explains, at the first stage, sports should be treated primarily as fun, thanks to which the students have better coordination, are more athletic than their peers, and practice only in physical education lessons. – In younger age groups, scores are not played in football tournaments. This is so good that there is no additional pressure on children, parents or coaches. So everyone does not focus on competition, but on fun – says the athlete.

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Before you begin your adventure with sports, even if it is a short one, it is also worth remembering to take exams with a sports medicine doctor. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended by many coaches. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the child has no health contraindications.

Apart from sports, activities related to widely understood art are also very popular. Learning to sing, play an instrument or art lessons allows you to express yourself creatively and develops many skills in children and teens – a sense of aesthetics, spatial imagination and creativity. These chapters can be of interest to all those who derive joy and satisfaction from them, regardless of talent. This is not the only benefit. Experts assure, for example, that playing instruments not only develops in terms of music, but also improves memory and concentration, enhances the learning of foreign languages. Therefore, it is useful to have access to the instrument, because in order to learn to play it, you do not need any special musical ear or inclinations – these are necessary, but when you want to play professionally.

However, when deciding on this type of additional activity, parents should consider that at some point it may be necessary to purchase their own tools or plastic accessories for the child, so there will be additional costs.

Several additional classes allow you to expand your knowledge in various fields. But most importantly, this learning has a more free and innovative character than that of ordinary lessons. Build robots, code, and learn a foreign language through fun, games, and more. Such extracurricular activities provide the opportunity to learn new things, but also help to identify the interests of the child.

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One unusual assumption is to learn Japanese mental arithmetic. Children and teens have the opportunity to learn this art at Superminds Academy. It is based, inter alia, on the reliance on the counter named Soroban.

– By moving individual items on the counter, kids learn to add, subtract, multiply, divide and work on fractions. The goal is to be able to count large numbers in memory – says Monica Sichuska of the Superminds Academy. Research shows that it is a great brain training, it improves focus and creativity, and prevents dementia in the future.

In addition to learning on soroban, younger students can practice arithmetic on Lego blocks, and older students learn the secrets of neurological mathematics. A significant part of the proposed activities are conducted in English, incl. When children conduct experiments in the field of natural sciences.

– These lessons are not boring or stressful. However, the calm and friendly way of imparting knowledge is not ineffective. The expert adds that some children who have not dealt with mathematics do well in school after some time, and even participate in competitions.

Additional lessons in private institutions, of course, are payable. Their prices depend on many factors, incl. their subject or number of hours per week. Individual sports or music lessons can cost from about 100 to 200 zlotys for one lesson. However, many institutions allow you to purchase more lessons earlier at a discount. Group lessons are usually cheaper and you can usually pay for them right away for a longer period.

However, we should not forget that most schools offer free extracurricular activities. Often this is sports training, circuits expanding knowledge of various school subjects, choir, theater or school newspaper editorial office. You can also look for free classes at community centers, public libraries, or community clubs. Drawings and detailed lists of all these proposals are usually published at the beginning of the school year. The number of places is limited, so hurry up.

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Regardless of the type of activities chosen, the most important thing is that they are in line with the interests and desires of the child. Forcing him to do an activity, learning something he doesn’t like, will make him uncomfortable.

So first of all parents should take into account what their daughter or son wants to do and what they want to devote their free time to. However, they should not put undue pressure on the child or expect his success in this further area. With such behavior, it is easy not only to deprive the child of the pleasure of additional activity, but also actively and for a long time inhibit it.

– Remember that extracurricular activities are chosen by the child himself, we only support him in this decision or consider all the pros and cons with him. These are extracurricular activities, so they are not obligatory, in a time without learning, they are supposed to develop, to please, and the child must go to them with joy and curiosity, otherwise they will not make sense – summarizes Isabella Narwina, psychologist. – I also advise you to start reviewing these classes with the free classes offered by the school. Sometimes they are very interesting, and their advantage is that we do not have to spend huge amounts of money on them. In this way, we will also check whether the child really includes such classes in his schedule, sometimes he is very burdened by the number of lessons per week.

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