October 23, 2021

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Last Saturday (September 25, 2021) the first edition of the “NA ZDROWIE” bicycle race organized by Kutnowski Szpital Samorządowy Sp. Zoo. The gathering was held under the honorary patronage of Starost Kotno.

The aim of the event was to promote a healthy lifestyle, pro-health prophylaxis, and to suggest actively spending leisure time outdoors. Before departure, it was possible to measure blood pressure and blood glucose levels in the hospital tent at pl. Piłsudski in Kutno.

The route of the march covered 6 cities: Kutno – Flork – Michau – Glogovic – Rachiboro – Kochkov – Kutno, and its length was about 20 km. Everyone, regardless of age, can participate in the event. During the rally, there was a longer campfire break, as Cotneau star Daniel Kowalek presented cyclists from the Bouvet area with commemorative medals for participation.

The initiative of the Kutno Local Governmental Hospital is commendable. Sports activity in the fresh air is the first step to well-being and a healthy body – says Starosta Kutnowski, Daniel Kowalik – it is a simple and cheap prevention, thanks to which we will be able to prevent the development of many diseases, especially those related to the cardiovascular system. Whenever I can, I try to spend time actively outdoors. As a result, I feel better and have more energy for the day. I hope that this event will be permanently included in the schedule of events in the Kutno region.

Adam Piotrowski of Agropol provided healthy snacks to participants of the “Na Zdrowie” bicycle rally, sharing delicious Polish apples and students from ZSZ No. 2 im. Doctor. A. Troczewski in Kutno, who prepared oatmeal cookies.

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Source: Starostei deaths in Kutno