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F1 2021 - Game review and opinion [PC, PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX|S].  Best F1 in years

F1 2021 – Game review and opinion [PC, PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX|S]. Best F1 in years

As is the case every year, Codemasters have supplied us with the next installment of the licensed series – F1 2021. Recently Electronic Arts took the title of “Code Masters”, and many British gamers began to worry about the level they offered future products. Having spent over 30 hours in the position reviewed today, I can say with my heart that any of you were needlessly concerned, as we are here dealing with the best Formula One I have ever had the chance to taste.

F1 2021 braking point tastes great

The biggest and most popular novelty is the Braking Point mode, which can easily be translated as a plot. At first glance, it seems like it’s just filler, but when we try it out, we can see that there’s a perfectly good story being created in the race car – in this case we’re dealing with a rising star, Aiden Jackson, as well as aging Kasper Ackermann. Both drivers transfer to the same team, but after the first encounters it turned out that nothing was quite as it seemed during the pre-season preparations.

in profession F1 2021 We’ll also find Devon Butler as the main antagonist, liaison with team boss Brian Doyle, and Ackerman’s wife – Zoe. All five characters have their roles in Braking Point, and their behavior can be seen in scenes created on a special engine that makes us feel like we’re in the cinema. Given that there are plenty of twists and turns here, and if someone hasn’t expected a script straight out of Ridley Scott’s 2002 movie – Helicopter on Fire – they certainly won’t be disappointed.

During a break from the following clip scenes, we park behind the car and head to the track. The whole thread takes about 5-6 hours and we have a chance to go through two seasons – not full, of course, because it would be very boring. The creators chose any objects, sometimes justified plot, on which we must achieve a goal. Sometimes it is a matter of passing a particular driver before the indicated lap, once he reaches the finish line, and again he is on the podium. There are a lot of them, but it is difficult to talk about a high level of difficulty here – this unit is set up in such a way that it can be presented to the game even by people who are completely unfamiliar with racing. braking point w F1 2021 It can easily be compared to the story campaign in the Call of Duty series.

MyTeam is still working

F1 2021 Game Review - Alfa Romeo Orlin

The MyTeam mode, which F1 2020 fans should know well, is much better. On a tight budget, we create our own team, while being a driver no. 1. We choose an engine supplier, sponsors and a second driver, and then we participate in competitions on different tracks. Optimizing your car throughout the season, as well as the team divisions, plays an important role here.

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Speaking of the former, we need to distinguish between the chassis, aerodynamics, power unit and durability, which are responsible for the construction of our car (the lighter and with fewer elements, the faster), behavior in long, straight sections and in tight / fast corners, engine power, The service life of the components indicated. The first three parts have to be developed at the same time, and unless we want a full simulation, durability is not as important as the others.

On the other hand, when looking at the divisions of the team, mention should be made of the simulator that increases the possibilities of the co-driver, and the marketing that allows the signing of contracts with better and better sponsors. In addition to these two parts, we also need to pay attention to the departments responsible for the parts of the car – aerodynamics, chassis, power unit and durability. The more rewards you get, the more BIR points they generate and allow them to develop promotions faster.

Returning old items…

F1 2021 game review - Melbourne

Being already in the BIR Score, it should be clearly stated that they play a huge role in the review today F1 2021. We collect them during training (it is worth noting that from now on we only have three training plans the most important and not as few as in previous installments of the series), qualifications and racing. The better we perform and the more data we collect, the more points we get for hardware development. This also applies to the co-driver, who now plays a slightly larger role than, for example, in F1 2020.

MyTeam mode attracted me the most, because there’s always something going on here. We plan the team’s activities in the calendar, monitor the transfer market and update the drivers’ statistics, and wait for other teams’ moves in car development. We cannot talk about the boredom that begins to appear after two or three seasons in a driver’s career, which differs from “My Team” in that we have less influence on the development of the car and its facilities.

new in F1 2021 There is definitely a career in the co-op. Nothing stops you from inviting your teammate to the session and start fighting on the right track with bots in the full season format. In the beginning, the creators ask us if we want to be in one team or include the possibility of transfers, which means we can compete with each other in other teams, and frankly, the second option sounds much better – especially when one of us gets into the cockpit of Red Bull The other is a Mercedes.

…and a lot of news in F1 2021

2021 F1 Game Review - Mercedes AMG

After describing the units available in the product reviewed today, I think you can go to the heart of the matter, namely the biggest changes in terms of AI, driving model, assistance, or even the sounds coming from the lethally powerful machines. Let me start with the end, the roar of the engines – it’s simply honey to the ears of a car lover: Honda finally looks like Honda, and Ferrari is like Ferrari in real life. The electric boost that can be felt and heard in the higher/lower gears as well as the higher/lower revs does an excellent job. I’m so glad Codemasters finally included this element, which is so missing in F1 2020.

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In terms of assistance, we still have several tools that make driving easier or more difficult, of which we can distinguish traction control (keep the car on the lane by revs when exiting turns), ABS, which is responsible for preventing the brakes, or automatic transmission. Aside from them, there was also complete vehicle damage and simulated fuel management (let’s remind you that as of this season we don’t have engine modes to choose from, so it’s important to drive skillfully and not add gas in corners), so it’s a big smile for people who want to make fun As realistic as possible, although this change slightly spoils the scene in online modes, because we can’t fire the so-called “demon” in the car.

While driving on the track in F1 2021 I’ve noticed that Codemasters are also concerned with the algorithm responsible for errors in AI. Of course, these were already in the previous parts of the brand, but they were usually limited to preventing wheels – now there are slips, which – in the most dangerous moments – even cause accidents. A biblical example is the Eau Rogue corner of the spa in Belgium, where Kimi Raikkonen, while in a wind tunnel behind another vehicle, lost control of his car and crashed into the board (I took it in one of the photos in the gallery). I was also stuck in my head by Daniel Ricciardo, who was in the fourth corner in Bahrain slipped on the rear axle and barely survived. This is really a great diversion and I’m glad we are now not the only ones making mistakes.

The driving model itself is not at all different from the F1 2020 model. At the start of the game, I set the average traction control and ABS activation, and using the car settings from the previous version of the series, I did not feel any significant driving differences. We still need to apply the throttle precisely when exiting the turn to be as fast as possible. It helps to slow down, especially full control of traction, so if we dream of success in grid modes, we must immediately learn to drive at the “medium” level and preferably with the ABS off, reducing the braking distance – if we do it skillfully, Definitely.

Codemasters did a great job

F1 Game Review 2021 - F1 Racing

In the midst of all this confusion, we must not forget about the DRS and ERS systems. We activate the first one only at specific points on the straight starting line, so that the maximum is one second behind the car in front of us. Opening the rear wing significantly reduces air resistance and allows you to quickly approach the enemy. On the other hand, the ERS system is used for the entire course, but thanks to a special button, we can use the saved energy to increase the speed during the overtaking maneuver.

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More experienced people can use ERS along the way. It is very useful when coming out of a corner in higher gears, because the lower the gear, the higher the speed. You should always turn it off before braking, as this is the time when the power builds up most quickly. We can safely say that if we master it completely, then the gameplay will become much more enjoyable.

Codemasters can also be commended for the full support of the DualSense controller in the PC version (Steam) – tactile vibrations and adaptive triggers diversify fast driving: especially during braking, when L2 tries to free itself and remove our finger from the resistance button. I can’t say a bad word about the R2 during dynamic acceleration, because when the wheels start to “spin”, we’ll feel the thrusts of the hopping engine on our hands. The optimization does not disappoint either, because it is on a GTX 1080 card with a resolution of 1440p and at the highest graphics settings F1 2021 It didn’t drop below 75 fps for a second.

Biggest production flaw? Definitely the faces of new drivers. The first thing that caught my eye was AplhaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda, who looks bigger than Carlos Sainz or Daniel Ricciardo – it shouldn’t look like that. The downside is Codemasters not having enough BOT celebrations on the podium and no in-ring events or meetings after the races. We forget them pretty quickly and move on to the following race weekends, and I think the developers have people on their team who will be able to set up some scenes similar to the Braking Point unit, as it turned out to be pretty good.

Briefly… F1 2021 It’s the brand’s best release and I’m sure my Steam counter will be past the end of next month F1 2019 as I spent over a hundred hours. With this year’s position, I already have 30 hours full and that number keeps growing – there is nothing else to do but wait for the e-sports leagues to start, which are already gathering the first volunteers. If someone is considering buying the reviewed game today, I hope that thanks to the opinion above, they will make the right choice: it’s worth it, it’s worth it, and it’s worth it again!