September 21, 2021

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Fabienne Wi¶niewska celebrated her eighteenth birthday.  The surprise might mother's presence.  Mandarin did not stand out from the rest

Fabienne Wi¶niewska celebrated her eighteenth birthday. The surprise might be…my mother’s presence. Mandarin did not stand out from the rest

girl mandarin and Michał Wiśniewski, Fabienne Wiśniewska celebrated her 18th birthday on Saturday. Instagram photos and descriptions indicate that the fun lasted all night.

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Fabien celebrates her birthday with Mandarin

Fabien Wiśniewska On Saturday I organized a birthday party. Of course, the older brother, Xavier, could not be absent. They have a great connection, as evidenced by the same tattoos on the bodies of these two. They indicate their close bond.

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However, the presence of the mother at Fabien’s birthday party may come as a surprise. The singer had fun in one of Warsaw’s clubs with two of her clubs children and their friends. The images show the blurry poses of the crew captured at the various locations they visited that night. Fabienne has a bouquet of white roses on some – maybe a gift from her mom or her friends.

Comments under the photos indicate that the fun lasted until morning.

Have a nice day…although we, Fabien and Xavier are still having a Saturday – Mandaryna wrote.

The daughter of the Wiśniewski family threw in one post some photos from the event. The last one suggests that she spent the next day in bed.

Finally the coronation yesterday evening. Plus a big thank you to everyone – thanks Fabian.

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Mandarin has repeatedly emphasized that she raises children in such a way that they have a lot of freedom and the possibility to make decisions about themselves.. You can see that this approach made the daughter treat her mother like a friend and have no qualms about taking her to a party with friends. right?

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