As far as continental cables are concerned, the connection between the United States and Europe is the most important in the world. It is two areas formed from the same cultural circle. Facebook He wants to add another thread and reinforce it. The aim of this initiative is to drastically improve the speed of data transfer between the two regions.

Facebook’s optical fiber between the United States and Europe

Facebook's optical fiber between the United States and Europe

The cable consists of 24 pairs of fibers, capable of transmitting half a petapit per second. If cable construction is successful, it will be the fastest leaving the continent to connect. Of course, Facebook will not create this cable alone. The giant lacks the knowledge and infrastructure to do this. He has enough money for that. Therefore, it outsourced the work to NEC (formerly known as Nippon Electronic Company). This multinational company with roots in Japan specializes in this type of technology. The company boasts that the fiber it produces can be twisted eight times around the floor.

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Of course, it is not known how long it will take to build the network. However, providing its construction to this particular contractor presents a good chance for the success of the project. It should not be forgotten that this effort – albeit a very expensive one – will definitely benefit Facebook. It is not yet clear which country will be included in this line. It is clear that it will strike something in the Atlantic Ocean.

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