September 21, 2021

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Fan Column: Learning Club Management - - KKS Lech Poznań

Fan Column: Learning Club Management – – KKS Lech Poznań

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Every week we are waiting for your best and most interesting texts that may appear on the pages of Both fans who can write, want to do so, and have something interesting to pass on to other Lech Pozna fans in a comprehensive and interesting (also controversial) way, has an open way of his text on sports topics for up to tens of thousands of people to read. Sometimes it is not necessary to add like half a page in Fan Trash or in the news. Sometimes it is enough to develop your ideas a little more, edit them correctly and send them to us in the form of any text. Today we publish one of the articles submitted by a fan.

Lech knows how not to run a football club

Looking at the map of Poland football, I can’t see any club with the same amount of potential in terms of societal interest as Lech in Wielkopolska, and at the same time a club squandering that potential several times in a pitiful way. You live in this club. At family gatherings, in the store, meeting friends for beer – the question always arises: why is it so bad, and when should it be so good? Then what can I answer?

There are great opportunities in Poznan. The fact that Warta has been promoted to the league does not mean that all fans associated with Blue and White will suddenly start wearing green scarves. Lech fans can wish Warta well, but no matter how bad it gets, there will always be a “Kolejorz” in his heart. There is really no competition in the area. Take a look at the Silesian province: Piast, Gornik, Racco, Roach, JKS Katowice, JKS Tichy. Lower Silesia: Silesia, Zagopi, Chropry, Copper. I can list more clubs from all provinces. And in Greater Poland? Lech, and Warta, with whom the first partly sympathizes, and then none for a very long time. What are they doing in the club to use it in any way? Sometimes I get the impression that everything is completely opposite. against logic. Denial of logic in management is now synonymous with Lech.

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Let’s look at the paper. Lech’s boss, Karol Klimchak, is said to be a notable figure when it comes to finances. Here I can totally agree with that. The transfer returns are huge, the expenses are negligible, and there are no salaries, in one sentence: the club is financially sound. What does the average fan get from this fact? string. He might just wonder: What’s going on with that money? As Lech is often compared to a company – it is concerned with continuous development, investment and earning more and more money. Where can this money be extracted? There are two ways. The first is to simplify it: invest in the team, dominate the league and raise money to play in the European Cups. The second way is to invest in infrastructure and develop your academy. Lich chose the latter path, although chiefs often say otherwise, it is exactly that. We can quote the statement of Piotr Rutkowski – “Lech will spend as much as possible in this window.” Lich seems powerful, but in awakening the imagination and hope of the masses, and then their painful destruction with the recently popular “rag in the mouth”.

It may be populist, but I wouldn’t be wrong if I said the academy is a money-making machine. Promoting young footballers and selling them for millions of euros is now the goal of the owners of “Collegors” and even if they say otherwise, it is. I do not write that the academy is not important. The Research and Development Center is a great initiative, as is Skills.lab. But what does the fan possess from these novelties? Still the same: nothing. And it seems that sometimes success in the Polish league is not enough. Correctly placed block in the puzzle. The worst part of it all is that strangers often think quite logically and see what isn’t working and how to correct it. Who or what could be the missing piece. They don’t see that in the club. They do not see or do not want to see, or worse, do the opposite, so that it does not happen that they act under the influence of fans or journalists. In terms of logic: Last season, there was a shortage of broad staff. Everyone mentioned it out loud, and then in the media we hear the statement of sporting director Tomas Rzesa about the team for three fronts. How it ended, everyone knows very well. Hands are falling off.

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The season in which Lech celebrates his 100th birthday was supposed to be very different. That was enough to make the carriage moves in advance. Team strengthening and staff renewal. The winger and goalkeeper are essential and a left back to compete with Douglas. August will come after awhile, and the proud announcement of Lech’s transfer has so far brought in Joel Pereira, Subic, Douglas and signed Murawski in the winter transfer window. There seems to be quite a bit of a puzzle. Damien Codzior was supposed to be sure – again, as the term became popular, Lech searches for “square eggs” and tries to discover them. And if it’s been successful lately, let’s answer it ourselves.

Lots of things in the club. Especially when the atmosphere around him is very tense, such things become apparent. From the collection of clothing that has little in common with appearance and beauty, the poor communication between the club and its fans, the famous shirt scandal, for which I prefer to blame the main sponsor, and ending with grandiose museum plans or a dirty membrane. There are many things to do. Awards achievements under the auspices of Karol Klimczyk since 2011: one Polish (!) Championship and two unimportant Super Cups. Internationally: two stages in the European League groups. Why is a club at the top of the league? Seats from the beginning of the semester: 4, 2, 2, 1, 7, 3, 3, 8, 2, 11. I prefer to call it average with a few exceptions.

It is undeniable that Lech has great opportunities, and for many years it will be a club that will be considered a candidate for the top positions in the league table every year, but by continuing in the same way, it will be more and more often than the average, until it becomes a regular player in this middle league . There is often too little and too much missing – thinking logically, drawing the right conclusions, and learning from mistakes. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works at Lech. To the detriment of the fan who is simply accustomed to the following defeats.

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Mikowaj Curtos

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