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Fantastic return to F1? Incredible scenario

Fantastic return to F1?  Incredible scenario

Last season Max Verstappen won the F1 championship using Honda engines, after which the Japanese left the motorsport queen. It turns out that at any moment the Asian manufacturer may appear in Formula 1 again.

Katarzyna Łapczyńska

Max Verstappen

Press materials / Red Bull / Pictured: Max Verstappen

When Honda announced its exit from Formula 1 in mid-2020, the motorsport queen was shocked. The Japanese returned to F1 relatively recently – in the 2015 season. Although their collaboration with McLaren initially looked poor and ended prematurely, the Asian manufacturer was able to find success in collaboration with Red Bull Racing.

The culmination of the Red Bulls’ alliance with Honda was the championship title with Max Verstappen in the 2021 season. It happened when Red Bull had already signed an agreement with the Japanese under which it acquired the intellectual rights to the Honda electric unit.

The effect is that Red Bull and its sister Alpha Tauri now use Honda engines, which are also made in Japan. But it’s actually called Red Bull Powertrains.

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Meanwhile, Auto Motor und Sport has announced that Honda is considering returning to F1 in 2026, when new technical regulations come into effect and the concept of the engine changes. The Asians are encouraged by the fact that the production of new power units will be cheaper.

In addition, Honda is likely to be treated as a new manufacturer as it is not currently officially in F1. Thus it can count on certain privileges in developing engines, which increases its chances of success.

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It is not clear who will work with Honda. A return to marriage with Red Bull is out of the question, because the “Red Bulls” are already after word of Porsche, which also intends to enter F1 in 2026. Therefore, “AMuS” speculates that the Japanese can provide engines for Red Bull’s sister team – Alpha Torey. Perhaps they will even take charge of the entire team at Faenza.

The final form of the F1 rules, which will apply from the 2026 season, is not yet known. On Thursday, Motorsport Total reported that Existing producers are blocking talks on this issueTo make life difficult for Porsche and Audi. Both brands intend to enter the game with their engines on the occasion of the tech revolution.

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