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Farmers revolt – they are against high fertilizer prices

Farmers revolt - they are against high fertilizer prices

Fertilizer prices fluctuate like a kaleidoscope. In January of this year, the cost of ammonium nitrate was 1120 PLN / net ton – now approx. PLN, and similarly RSM 32 percent. In January it was valued at 915 PLN/t net, now at 2600, and 1880 ammonium phosphate now cost at 3300 PLN/net ton. The farmers are rebelling.

We have already written on the website that the Lublin Chamber of Agriculture has addressed its position on fertilizers to representatives of the government, the Minister of Agriculture and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Minister Puda after meeting with Kołodziejczak - Will there be more joint action?

Meeting with farmers about terrible fertilizer prices

Today, October 6, there will be a meeting of the protest committee of farmers in the province of West Pomerania with the participation of the West Pomeranian Voivode and a representative of the fertilizer manufacturer Grupa Azoty on this matter.

October 1 of this year because the President of NSZZ RI “Solidarność”, Theresa Hass, submitted the application to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in connection with the continued strong growth in the agricultural market Fertilizer prices.

While discussing the legality of the application, Hass confirmed that in recent weeks it has received repeated comments from individual farmers regarding the significant increase in the price of mineral fertilizers and the continuation of the upward trend in this regard.

– I also note with deep concern that in recent days economic entities have by chance increased the prices of their products by more than 100% per product, which in my opinion constitutes an activity that restricts competition and infringes on the collective interests of consumers, also aimed at the anti-competitive focus of businessmen, and therefore , the negative effects of farms run by Polish farmers, including the collapse in the profitability of agricultural production – stated.

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Earlier in this case, a letter was also sent to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki with a request for a comprehensive analysis of the situation – whether fertilizer prices are not excessively high and intervention, and possibly measures taken to compensate farmers for losses as a result of a sharp increase in prices.

Minister Puda comments on the high fertilizer prices

In turn, Minister of Agriculture Grzegorz Puda confirmed after Monday’s meeting with agricultural organizations, including AGROunia, that the topic will be clarified this week, in cooperation with Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin, Minister of State Assets.

– When it comes to fertilizers, this directly affects farmers. That’s why we’re in touch with Prime Minister Jacek Sasin, who oversees the two largest fertilizer companies in Poland, I’m talking about Azoty Puławy and Anwil. We will have a business meeting this week, on this issue, there will be a representative office of the Ministry of Agriculture and a representative office of state assets. The topic is very important, please remember that fertilizers in Poland largely depend on the price of gas, which has now also risen. We will explain it further, already at the aforementioned meeting – Grzegorz Puda said at that time.

Grupa Azoty about fertilizer availability

We asked Grupa Azoty representatives not about high prices, but about the problem of fertilizer availability, which farmers reported, not only in terms of UAN, but even the entire range of fertilizers from the company’s portfolio.

– We assume that the increased activity of farmers in purchasing fertilizers is linked to the information on the ever-increasing gas prices. This raw material accounts for a large part of the cost of fertilizer production in Europe. It is noteworthy that Grupa Azoty, as one of the few companies producing fertilizers, did not reduce production at its plants. In our opinion, the current situation in terms of fertilizer availability is an accumulation of purchasing feedback from farmers who receive information about price increases. Grupa Azoty’s priority at this stage is to primarily redirect our products to the domestic market and thus ensure the greatest possible availability of fertilizers for Polish farmers – said Monika Darnobyt, spokesperson for Grupa Azoty SA.

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– At the same time, we encourage you to search for our products at other authorized points of sale in the region in the event that fertilizers are not available at the chosen distributor – she added.

Fertilizer becomes 600 PLN per ton within three days Current price list

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