July 27, 2021

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Fatal news about Kamel Dorczuk!  It's about his health, he's not good - Super Express

Fatal news about Kamel Dorczuk! It’s about his health, he’s not good – Super Express

Author: WBF

Kamel Dorczuk is known for his sharp opinions, which he willingly shares on Twitter. However, the former president of TVN “Fakty” is not afraid of criticism that may be directed at him. He decided to openly admit to alcoholism, ignoring the opinions of others. Camille Dorczuk now suffers from other health problems. His life may be in danger again! what happened? The journalist posted a disturbing blog post.

Kamel Dorczuk shared on Twitter his information that he urgently needs hospitalization. His blood was transfused there. It looked serious, and fans were worried about the condition of their favorite journalist. However, the former Facts boss did not reveal many details. It is not known to this day what happened to him. But now it seems that history may repeat itself! Kamel Dorczuk posted a disturbing post on his Twitter account, showing that his life may be in danger. Signum Medical Centre, Katowice. If your life is beautiful, get out of there! Waiting for hemoglobin results. They will decide whether to go to the hospital again in an imminent, life-threatening condition (such as 4 weeks ago) or whether to be discharged. They were supposed to be 6pm at the latest. So far, there is no information – he wrote at 19:25.

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This time Camil Dorczuk also decided to be ambiguous and did not say what exactly was happening, but it can be assumed that it is a very similar situation to the previous one. Twitter users responded immediately, releasing the comments with good wishes for recovery. Everyone intertwined their fingers for sure that the journalist would be able to overcome any problems this time.

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