July 27, 2021

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FC Barcelona prefers another player in a successful deal for Antoine Griezmann.  Thought change!

FC Barcelona prefers another player in a successful deal for Antoine Griezmann. Thought change!

Spanish Sport published other reports on the exchange between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Joao Felix, not Saúl Ñíguez, as previously reported in the press, may be involved in the Antoine Griezmann deal.

Negotiations between FC Barcelona and Atletico over Antoine Griezmann continue to impress football fans around the world, and a new name has appeared on the scene: Joao Felix. Barcelona involved him in the negotiations, seeing that the trade with Saúl Ñíguez seemed difficult to carry out.

Atletico want to swap Griezmann-Sale without any financial compensation being included. However, the market value of the French is higher than that of the Spanish midfielder, so the club will have to contribute 15-20 million euros.

But the activists of “Los Colchoneros” do not want to pay and insist that the exchange take place without any money. This would, of course, be detrimental to Barcelona because they would lose economically. For this reason, the Camp Nou team has decided to change their preferences and now includes the João Félix player card.

The market value of the Portuguese is around the level of Griezmann, so it will be a much more profitable business. Obviously, the wage savings will be much lower, because Joao Felix’s salary is much higher than that of Sail. Therefore, the process must be carefully analyzed before it is performed.

Economic complexity may not be the only problem with this substitution. João Félix plays in the same position as Lionel Messi or Memphis Depay, so you have to change his brand and put him in a new position in front or midfield. At this point, Koeman will be faced with the task of finding a position in which he stands out.

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In any case, “Barcelona” has a good relationship with the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, in his favor in these negotiations. Intervention of a Portuguese agent can help build bridges and facilitate conversations.

The soccer player met his Atletico teammates in Los Angeles de San Rafael on Thursday, as he is recovering from ankle surgery he underwent at the end of Euro 2020.

Update: “Saúl-Griezmann’s replacement is slowing down. The idea has not been abandoned, but it has stopped. The clubs have not yet reached an agreement, and the Atletico Madrid player is still keeping an eye on the two Premier League clubs,” journalist Matteo Moretto wrote on Twitter.