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Festival in Opole 2022: Report from the concert “No one will give up these years – 70 years of television”

Festival in Opole 2022: Report from the concert "No one will give up these years - 70 years of television"

On October 25, 1952, that is, 70 years ago, Polish television broadcast its first programme. To celebrate this anniversary, the biggest stars of Polish music, who are also jealous of their careers by TVP, present themselves on stage.

The scene will include, among other things Marella RudovicAnd the Krzysztof KogowskiAnd the Jan PeterzakAnd the chestAnd the Vicky GaborAnd the FeelAnd the Villijan AndrzejzakAnd the Halina MelnikovaAnd the Anna WisconyAnd the Rafai BrzozowskiAnd the Janus RadekAnd the Natasha Urbaiskaif Maciej Mechnikovsky.

They run the concert Karolina BajczkowskaAnd the Tomas CamilleAnd the Katarzina Seechubek And the Maciej Kurzajewski.

The party started with a performance chestWho sang “The song is good for everything”. In the background, viewers can also see and hear the performance Old gentlemen’s club. Moments later when Tomas Camille And the Karolina Bajczkowska A choir presented to viewers the details of the ceremony, and appeared on stage Sound’n’Grace He performed the song “Take years, no one will give up”.

Another archival recording was about a Czech star Helena Vondrakova. After that, the singer presented the song “Malovany dzbanku” to the audience.

On the third day of Opole, a star appeared on stage without him – as he claims Tomas Camille – The festival cannot take place, that is. Marella Rudovic. Wearing a record, she sang the song “Coloured Customs”.

Then we heard the song “From Night to Night”. Helena Konicamade by Anya Wizcony. Then he sang a song from the series “”. run out Kubisha. The audience also watched the performance of Halina Melenkova, who sang the song “I’m a Butterfly” with the archival recording of Irina Garuka.

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Moments later, the audience decided that the favorite program in TVP history was “Chance to Succeed”, and after referring to Studio 2, the members of Sound’n’Grace appeared on stage and sang ABBA’s song “Dancing Queen”.

During the “sport segment” of the concert, we heard, among other things, the song “Do boju Poland” performed by the children’s choir, which was a huge success in the World Cup. Bohdan Dzuka The riddle of the World Cup “sang Rafai Brzozowski. In the end, the most important sporting event broadcast by TVP was the victory of Władysław Kozakiewicz and his famous hit in Moscow.

She gave the audience a completely different atmosphere with her performance Renata ZarubskaWho introduced the great Opole song “Noc z Renata”. The band members who had not been seen on TV for a long time also appeared on stage PartitaWho introduced themselves with the song “Ask me what I will give you”.

After their performance, it’s time for another Opole classic – “Jolka, Jolka you remember” Budki Suflera – performed by Villijan Andrzejzak.

After remembering the history of Polish cabarets, with the songs “Hope” and “Czy These Eyes Can Lie?” Introduced to the audience Jan Peterzak. “I haven’t been here for five years. From what I can see, I’m the biggest contractor here. So you can call me Grand Marshal” – he said.

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