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Festival in Opole 2022: we got to know the participants of “Debiutów” and “Premier”. Who will perform?

Festival in Opole 2022: we got to know the participants of "Debiutów" and "Premier".  Who will perform?

This year, the Opole Festival will be held from June 17-20, 2022. So far, the details of the days of individual festivals are still unknown. On the other hand, we got acquainted with the participants of two concerts, which are a must-see at every Opole festival.

During the first appearance, the following will be performed: MarieAnd Magdalena Krzymic (“Voice of Poland”, “The Four”), Anna Hanatovic (“Voice of Poland”) and Basia Gąsienica-Giewont (“Voice of Poland”).

The list of “beginners” is as follows:

1. Caja Jennikusic – “attention”
2. Marie – “Babyhands”
3. Magdalena “Meg” Krzymich – “from today”
4. Confused – “backwards”
5. Basia Gąsienica-Giewont – “I will not do”
6. Anna Hanatovic “Teach me to live again”
7. Amelia Dubanuska – “Ortygia”, winner of the Enchanted Song Festival
8. Francesc Barnovsky Winner of the “Chance of Success” award
9. A Chance to Succeed Winner – Winner of the Mukhtar Prize during the Finals on May 22
10. SSKJEGG – “I will salute” the winners of the National Polish Song Center competition in Opole.

We also got to know the makeup of this year’s Premiere party. On stage will present, among other things Vojtech KogovskyAnd Philip LatoAnd Stanisława Celińska And I SwiatczakShe is currently working under a pseudonym Anka.

The full lineup of the “Premier” program is as follows:

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1. Sonia Masilek – “just here”
2. Philip Lato – “You have the best”
3. Stanisława Celińska – “bosom”
4. Janus Radek – “I don’t want to forget you today”
5. Vojtech Kogovsky – “We’ll laugh again”
6. chemistry – “But you”
7. Anka – “With every bad moment”
8. Bartas Szymoniak – “Really love”
9. Carolina Laser – “clean water”
10. Sabina Szewczyk – “Arcadia”.

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